1. The nightmare begins

Fear crawled up her spine; the muscles clenching behind it as it inched higher, fogging her brain. Colours whirled in a giant vortex before settling to form images, memories and thoughts. Each one distorting then blowing away like mist on a breeze. The world around her settled.

She was in a giant forest, surrounded by rich, tangible, golden trunks of trees that showed clear signs of incalculable age. The leaves above her were a plush carpet weaved with threads of glowing garnet, glittering gold, and grating green. She searched for a path and none was visible. She couldn’t see an end to the army of trees that stood like sentinels, watching and waiting.

She couldn’t see anyone. The fear was back it was eating at her; churning her gut; gnawing at her courage and leaving a bitter taste in the back of her throat. There was something out there, she couldn’t see it but she knew it was there. The air was cool, refreshing even, as it whispered across her skin causing a shiver to run through her ending at her finger-tips and toes. “Run, my little girl”

“Mum. Dad,” She called she tried to run, but her feet are frozen to the ground; her feet are stone.

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