Best Friends

Me and my best friend are total directioners! Her name is Alex. We both are in love with Niall and Harry! Then when they ask us out who will get which?? Will they fight to see who gets who???? Will they be friends ever again?!?!?


1. BFF's

ANGIE PROV. Im Angie. I have the most incredible friend named Alex. We are total directioners. We do everything together. I was at home when Alex walks in. "hey what's up why did you say urgent in your text" she asked walking in. "I got us tickets to go see one direction in concert" I said happily as I hugged her. "thats so AWSOME" she yelled. I showed her the tickets. "tommorow night" I said happily. "what then we must go shopping now" she said grinning. Me had her own car. So we drove to the mall. First we went to the perfume section. We each bought 4 different perfumes. Then we went to the shoe section. We both bought 3 pairs of high heels matching. Then we went to the clothes section. "oh I bought us some sweaters that say 1D in the front and VAS HAPPENENIN in the back they are both black matching" I told her. So we bought this really cute top. It showed a little of our stomachs. Then we bought 8 other matching shirts. Then we bought this really cute shorts. Of course matching. Then we bought 6 pairs of jeans. Then makeup section. I looked at all the colors. We bought black mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. We bought pink red lipstick. I grabbed a lipgloss too. Then we went to a hair place. I got hilights in my hair. they were blonde. Alex got light pink streaks. Then I bought some hair spray. And a curling iron and krimping iron. We went to a nail salon and did our nails. Then we came back to my house. We painted eachother's toes and was so excited!!! Tomorrow we were going to go see the hottest guys ever!
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