Shadow Girl

After being murdered by a serial killer, young Lucy Willis chooses to spend her afterlife learning more about her murderer.


1. Tears Will Be Shed...

    I was having a dream That Night. I was running and screaming. The sky was bloodred and was dripping around me.

My eyes snapped open. There were beads of perspiration forming on my forehead. Under my arms to my waist was covered in sweat. I was breathing heavily. Sharply. I wiped the sweat from my forehead with my sleeve.

Just a dream, Just a dream, I reassured myself.

I laid my heavy head on my pillow and let out a sigh. My eyes gradually began to close...

"AHHHHHHHH!" a horrified, female voice cried, " No! NO!" It was suddenly uncomfortably silent. My heart raced. I jumped out of bed and sped to the kitchen...that's when I saw Him. There was a dagger in his hand. A bloody corpse lay slumped beside him. My eyes filled with sheer horror.

Just a dream, Just a dream, I reassured myself.

But it wasn't. I felt my heart beating out of my chest. The long eerie silence dragged on forever. He used his foot to turn the gruesome body over "MOM!" I screamed. I let out loud, piercing, continuous screams as I stared into the terrified, motionless eyes of my now murdered mother. That did not happen. This is a nightmare...

Tears flowed out of my eyes as the man came closer. His lips were curled into a thin, creepy smile. I stepped backwards. "Stay away...," I said loudly. He held up his dagger higher with every step I took farther away from him. His arm shot forward. The dagger plunged under my left shoulder, stabbing my heart. A small dot of blood grew to the size of a baseball on the affected area. The pain was excrutiating. The fear was overwhelming. My life flashed before my eyes.

Just a nightmare, Just a nightmare, I reassured myself. 


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