Pitch Slapped

Delany was a freshman in high school and orientation was where clubs recruited the 'freshies'. Many clubs asked for her to come join but they all seemed to dorky like the chess club or book club. She didn't want to be a nerd like in middle school. She wanted to stand out, shine. That's when one specific club caught her eye, not just because of the guy recruiting with his brunette curls. Just the idea of it all. Being noticed.


1. New Beginnings

It was Saturday and it happened to be Freshman Orientation Manchester Academy. Kill me.

Yesterday everyone got assigned a dorm and got their schedules. My dorms pretty nice, the lady gave me a room by myself. Thank the lord. My schedule, well, I don't have to worry about that until Monday. Today was just signing up for clubs, sports, and asking the older kids on where our classes will be.

All the clubs seemed really cool, but none of them really caught my eye. They were all the same. Just needing 'freshies' to help keep the club going.

"Excuse me, miss?" Someone called behind as I was just walking through ignoring all the booths trying to get back to my dorm. 

"Yes?" I turned around to see a booth labeled 'Manchester Mixers' and a tall curly-haired brunette boy standing in the booth.

"How would you like to join the Manchester Mixers?" He smiled happily.

I smiled, 'What exactly are you guys?"

"We are the A Capella club and one of the best-"

"Oh you're singers. No thanks." I cut him off.

"What? You look like a young lady with amazing vocals how could you just say no?" He asked.

"I don't sing." I told him and walked away.

One thing I don't need on my plate is singing. I mean, I was alright, I did a few musicals here and there in middle school, but it wasn't for me. Maybe I am better off joining the chess club.

I hated singing period. People always told me I was good and I hated the attention. Most of the popular girls hated me. So they decided to bully me and put me down and threatened me if I auditioned for the next musical.

This year was going to be different. No drama. Bully free. No attention. Most importantly it's the start of new beginnings. 

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