A sick satisfaction - one shot

Another one shot about love.


1. A sick satisfaction - one shot


I guess my ship had already sailed long time ago, metaphorically speaking of course.
She had already moved on, found someone new to replace me with, maybe even someone better.
She was happy, probably more than she would have ever been with me.
A giggle escaped her mouth now and then as she ran around with him.
This used to be our place.
The flowers, the trees, - even the stars on the night sky used to be ours. Had she forgotten about all of that? Didn’t her chest ache the way mine did when looking back on all the times we spend together in this particular field.
Even though I’d always had trouble crying, it was hard holding back the tears as I saw her in his arms.
They should’ve been mine.
I wish she knew how hard it was for me to break it up between us, the stupidest thing I’d ever done. The look on her face is something I’ll never forget, she could hardly speak. Was she surprised? Couldn’t she tell that it didn’t work out anymore? That I would only end up hurting her at one point or another?
It was obvious that she hadn’t even considered the idea. Maybe it was just me, always imagining the worst that could happen, - and then act as if it was bound to happen.
The first few weeks she begged me to give us another chance. She told me that she trusted me, that she knew I wouldn’t hurt her, - at least more than I would already did by letting go.
Now she doesn’t seem to care at all.
It’s no longer a problem for her to say hi to me when we bump into each other, most of the time I even get a smile!
That used to be my smile as well.
I can’t help but wishing I was still the one to make her smile.
She had always seemed so cute and innocent, - but then you get to know her. Still cute, but not so innocent with the perverted mind of hers.
Always singing while dancing around or braiding a few flowers for her hair.
She was that kind of girl that could get any guy she wanted, I would lie if I said there hadn’t been a jealous stare or two when we were seen together.
Those eyes!
Back when we were together it felt like they could light up the whole room when she saw me. They were always so warm and welcoming. She had a pair of long lashes to go with them, which she was able to blink oh-so-cutely to get her way.
I don’t think I’d ever seen her give anyone a dead stare. Would she even be capable of doing so? Most likely not.
Her hair was always hanging loosely down her spine, a few lonely curls here and there, the rest played around a few waves. I don’t think she cared much to style it, she’d always said she just rolled out of bed and let her hair live its own life.
We all know that’s a lie, though. She’s more the girl to get dragged out of bed than to roll out of it.
And that’s when she saw me.
She didn’t even bother him anymore, she just ran for me, knocking me to the ground.
A giggle escaped her curved lips that were soon going to be all over mine with a slight taste of chocolate and mints.
Her soft fingers found their way to my hair and played with it throughout the kiss.
And that’s when it hit me, the satisfaction I’d always felt whenever she was in my arms.
“You didn’t forget?” I asked when we broke apart for a catch of breath, not even bothering to hide my desperation.

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