Star Gazing

My old english teacher has asked me to write and recite a poem for the poetry evening on thursday. The theme of the evening is Stars. What do you think?


1. Star Gazing

Jewels that sparkle in the acherontic night.

Lighting up the deepest corners

Of the tenebrous sky.

Shooting from left to right,

To Earth they are celestial foreigners.

Encompassing ambushed planets, they fly.


Clustered molecules of burning gas

In the ever timeless gloom,

Lit by God's docile hand.

With an incredible mass,

Time you can consume,

Observing them from maculate land.


Gazed upon, by astronomers past

Red stars emitting their fiery light,

Creation's outstanding design.

Astral matter that lasts

Throughout long and recurrent nights.


Wishing on a star, makes reveries reality,

Or tricks those who naively believe?

People dream on their wishful rush,

Testing their profound vitality

To discover if they truly deceive,

The desires that they keep hush.


Effervescent beams,

That radiate through empty space,

Shedding light on ill-luminated sites.

As children's evolving dreams

Cover Earth's colourful face,


The hosts of our planet's night.

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