Little Things

When One Direction's opening act for their Take Me Home tour gets into a horrible accident, and isn't able to go on tour with them, Simon decides to find a replacement on YouTube and comes across a 16 year old brunette with a voice of an angel. She happens to go by the name of Mikayla Lloyd. Who'll fall for the flawless girl with the green eyes? Will Mikayla find out about her step-sister? Or will something happen that makes her run away from her comfort zone paradise?


1. What are we going to do?

Louis POV.

We were all just lounging around in our around in our apartment watching TV when all of a sudden, Simon bursts though the door with a flustered expression plastered on his face. This can't be good.

Liam shot up to his feet. "What's wrong?" Zayn asked his eyebrows knitting together. It was a rare occasion when Simon looked flustered and it was a good reason to be worried. Simon sighed and came over to sit next to me. I had been sprawled out on the couch so I had to get up and make room for him.

"Guys," he started "we have a problem..." he said trailing off.

"Well we have pretty much established that," Niall said raising an eyebrow. Oh that Irish and his sarcasm. Simon shook his head looking as though he was going to have a meltdown. This was really bad. I put my arm around his shoulder and tried to comfort him.  He didn't say anything for a while.

"Well are you going to tell us about it?" I asked slightly impatient.

I was searching his face desperately looking for any clue of what he had yet to tell us. His face was blank.

"Simon..." Harry said going over and sitting opposite him. "What's wrong?" His voice was gentle but firm and it was clear that he demanded an answer. Simon slumped his shoulders and sighed again.

"Your opening act, she... she got into a horrible accident and... well she didn't make it," Simon said simply.

This was a lot to process for the lot of us. Being the most responsible of the group, Liam and I were the first ones to work it out. One Direction + Opening Act = Tour. But One Direction - Opening Act = No Tour. A puzzled expression washed over Harry's face.

"What...?" You could plainly see that he was racking his brains to try to figure it out. So were the other boys. 

"What am I missing?" Zayn asked looking back and forth between me and Liam. "Zayn," I started "No opening act means..." Liam's face looked grim. He finished for me..."No tour." 

It finally clicked. All the boys faces fell and Simon buried his face in his hands. Saying it aloud seemed to have double the effect. We had all been waiting for the tour for ages. Niall looked like he was going to fall apart.

"But there has got to be something...anything..." he tried his eyes brimming with tears. 

Liam went over and put his arm around his shoulder. Everybody hated seeing Niall cry. It pained me to think that somebody so innocent could ever be hurt. That's it. I'm not going to sit here and watch one of my best friends break down in tears when I can do something about it. I stood up and bravely walked to the front of the room. Everybody looked up surprised not knowing what was coming next.

"Guys...we're got ourselves some work to do." 

Mikayla's POV.

"Lyana..." I whined. "Are you sure I should do this...?" 

My name's Mikayla Indiana Lloyd. I'm 16 and I was born and raised in Worcestershire with my mom Dina. My mom never talked about my dad... In fact I don't even know his name. I know he's definitely not dead though because I've seen mom text him a few times. He always asks about me, but she doesn't seem to want to let him talk to me... She says she'll tell me about him when i'm old enough...well I hope that's real soon because i'm about to be 17. Anyway, my hair is a dark-ish brown with red highlights, it's curly and goes down to about mid-back, plus my eyes are a sea green. I have one best-friend who I can't live without, Lyana. If I have to go anywhere, there's no way I'd leave without her. Yeah, we're that close. My birthday's in a few months... Feb 12th. It's around mid-November now so it's getting pretty chilly. Oh, and I sing.

So right now, I was in my room with Lyana with my guitar on my lap. She was fiddling with the camera because she had convinced me to do a cover of 'Love Me For Me' By Cher Lloyd. I agreed mainly because it was my favorite song... I don't know, I've always seemed to have a connection with Cher. Maybe it was just our last names. But whatever right...

"Of course you should do this! Mik, you have an amazing voice! Don't put it to waste!" And bla bla bla bla bla...the lecture goes on. Oh this girl. Sometimes I wonder about her. No use arguing now though as she was ready with the camera.

"Alright done. You remember the chords right?" she asked skeptically. I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe only after I've played it like a million times!"

She grinned. "Good. Now you're on in 3...2...1..." 

Lyana gave me a thumbs up then pressed record. "Hi guys! I'm Mikayla..." I said introducing myself to the camera. Ridiculous. "I'm going to be covering Love Me For Me by Cher Lloyd," I said forcing a fake smile onto my lips. I struck a G chord and started to play.

As I sang and went deeper into the song, all the lyrics just poured out of me. It felt as though I wrote the song myself, like I could feel all the emotions that had been put into this song... Maybe that's why I liked it so much. I just let go and let myself be apart of the music. It was a thrilling feeling. When I had finished the song, I put my guitar down and smiled at the camera. A real genuine smile this time. I waved to the camera. "Bye guys and thanks for watching!"

Lyana signalled that the camera stopped recording and a wide smile was playing on her lips.

"That was great Mik!" she said with a sense of accomplishment as she glided over to my laptop and plugged the camera in.

I went over to see what she was doing and pulled up a chair next to her. She opened up the file of me singing and hit the play button. I cringed as the video started bracing myself for my horrible voice. Halfway through the video I relaxed...I wasn't as bad as i'd thought i'd be...

Lyana opened a tab for YouTube and started making a new account. "What do you want to call it?" She asked looking at me ready to type in my new username. Hmmm...

"Mikayla_Indi_Lloyd" was the first thing that popped up into my head. She nodded in approval.

"Simple but effective."

She clicked enter and turned to me satisfied.

"Done!" she said beaming, "now all we have to do is upload it!" She was jumping up and down excitedly in her seat. That's what I love most about her... she's so... loveable.

She made a huge deal of doing it. She placed her hand on the mouse and positioned the little arrow on screen over the 'Upload' button. I bit my lip perched on the edge of my seat. She brought her finger down but it hovered mid-air. She turned to me smiling.

"Would you have the honour?

I rolled my eyes but couldn't help giggling. In one quick movement, the video had been uploaded and was officially on YouTube. Lyana loudly cleared her throat.


I turned to face her.

"Yes?" I asked innocently.

"Are you forgetting something?"

I smiled and gave her a tight squeeze. 

"Thanks Lya." 

We both pulled away, looked at each other and screamed in unison.



Liam's POV.

After what Simon had told us, we were all a little bit off the edge. We were all brainstorming when Niall jumped up. 

"I have an idea!"

Simon looked almost relieved. "Well spit it out then!" he said eagerly.

"We could look for another opening act on YouTube!"

Simon jumped up also and joined Niall.

"That's not a bad idea!" he stated. Well we don't have any other ideas so what have we got to lose? I picked up my mac book from the table on my left side and turned it on. Everyone gathered around me as I opened up YouTube. I typed in 'song covers' and two million results popped up. I paused.

"Guys. We can't just watch two million videos. We need to start somewhere."

Harry stopped to think about this.

"Maybe we can just look up covers in honour of Cher. I really miss her from the x-factor and plus, lots of girls love her music. It would be the perfect place to start."

All the boys nodded agreeably. We settled on 'Love me for Me' as we all loved that song of hers. We were looking through some of the covers when we came across a gorgeous looking girl with piercing sea green eyes that I found hard to look away from. She truly was beautiful. "What about this one?" I asked pointing out the video. The boys all seemed to have been staring at her as well. They muttered a few yeahs and I clicked on it.

"Hi guys, I'm Mikayla... I'm going to be covering Love Me For Me by Cher Lloyd." Once she started singing we were all mesmerized by her voice. No doubt we had made up our minds.

"I think we've found our opening act..." Louis said breaking into a smile.

Simon was already on the phone with his personal assistant.

"What's her username again?" he called from another room. I glanced back at the screen. Mikayla_Indi_Lloyd. 


Harry's POV.

"Fan name or real?" I asked looking at the lads. We were all betting on Mikayla's username.

"I bet real," I announced slapping down two £5 notes on the coffee table.

"I'm with Harry," Niall said tossing down a £10. Louis, Zayn and Liam were arguing among themselves before they finally turned around and forked over a £30. "We bet fan name," Louis spoke up, "her last name Lloyd? That's way too coincidental." 

I grabbed the laptop from Liam and readied myself to click on her username. All the boys crowded around the screen biting their nails in anticipation.

"3...2...1!" I yelled. I brought my finger down and we were brought to her bio with the first line reading:

"Hi, I'm Mikayla Indiana Lloyd!" I real aloud. HA! Niall and I erupted into cheers and high fived each other. "I knew I should have gone with Harry's bet!" Zayn exclaimed throwing his hands in the air with defeat. I smirked. Losers.

I scooped up the money on the table and gave Niall half.

"Nice doing business with you," I grinned slotting the money in my wallet. As if on cue, Simon poked his head through the doorway.

"Alright boys! I've contacted Mikayla's mum and she said that she and her friend Lyana would be able to come down and meet you all. They'll be down in two days. Be nice."

We all broke into grins. Things are about to get interesting.


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