This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


1. Unexpected Guest

I couldnt believe my eyes. Guess who was standing right in front of me? Liam Payne, my neighbor since I was three years old, was surrounded by a bunch of screaming girls, along with his four band mates of course. The 19 years that I've been alive, 15 of them were spent with Liam. He had always been like my older brother, even more so since he had been my older brother's best friend. Liam and Jason had been friends since the moment we moved into the house next door to the Payne’s. The two had really hit it off. I, however, had always been friends with our other neighbor, Melissa, Missy for short.

It registered through my mind that I had already been wasting time saving my so-called neighbor, so I pushed through them all, earning several glares and dirty names. I grabbed Liam's hand through the mob and pulled him to safety. As I did so, he obviously grabbed his friends because as we got to the outskirts of the screaming girls, not only was it me and Liam, but it was also the other four band members. I refused to let these girls bring me into the mob so I didn't hesitate to keep moving. People were actually crazy when it came to One Direction. I couldn't believe it.

"Where are you taking us?" A voice called behind me, but I ignored it. As we got outside of the shopping center, I stopped. I dropped Liam’s hand and walking a little bit away, letting out a deep breath. I was relieved to get rid of the throbbing in my head from all of the screaming fans.

"Who are you?" Someone asked. I slowly turned around. As I turned, I was met by the gazes of five curious, almost fearful members of One Direction. I flicked my brown colored hair out of my eyes, already feeling the urge to give Liam a huge hug. I had missed him so much.

"Briana?" Liam questioned. A smile broke out across his face when I smiled at him, "Briana!"

Liam ran full force at me. His arms looped around my waist, lifting me up into his arms. A laugh escaped my throat as he twirled me in a circle, setting me on my feet as he hugged me tightly. My arms wrapped around his neck on instinct. When he pulled back from the hug, he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, studying me.

Liam hadn't changed one bit. He was still the tall, lanky kid I've known since I was 4. He still had his dark hair and dark eyes. To be honest, Liam had always been a good-looking boy and honestly, I will admit, when I was 15, I did manage to kiss him. I'm sure I'm not the only one who once had feelings for their brother's best friend. After the kiss, however, I realized how he was only meant to be my friend and we both agreed that afterwards.

"Look at you! Did you get taller? I'm just joking, that's impossible, you still are the size of an elf," He kidded. Naturally, just as him and Jason did since we were kids, Liam laid a joke about my height. I was not short in any way. I just happened to be a whole lot of heads shorter than Liam and Jason who were both born into families where the men grew to be at super tall, "You look beautiful, Briana."

"I'm not any different than I was before you left, Li" I giggled, causing him to smile and shake his head. He wrapped his arms around me again and I enjoyed Liam's hugs. There were always more to follow and he gave you a really good embrace. He kissed the top of my head and then let go of me.

 "What are you doing out here?" Liam questioned.

"Well I was shopping before I realized you lot were deflensless against your own fans and I needed to rescue you all."

"We owe you one."

"Heck yes you do! I broke a nail." I said fake crying and holding my hand up to Liam's face.

Someone cleared their throat and mine and Liam’s' reunion was interrupted by a blond haired boy. I turned to the four curious boys who were raising their eyebrows at Liam. Liam gave them a look of death as he wrapped his arms around me protectively. It reminded me of something Jason would do.

"Boys, this right here is little Miss Briana Hill. He has called me little Miss Bri ever since we were kids. He knew how much it annoyed me! "Little Bri has been my neighbor for 15 years. She is the coolest person on the planet, other than me of course!" Everyone rolled their eyes at Liam.

"Bri, this is Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall."

"It's nice to meet you all," I put my best smile on my face. I saw Liam give them all another look after they smiled back.

"You too," Louis responded. Louis was handsome. He had brown hair and dark brown eyes. The edges of his lips were curved into a smile and as most girls would agree, he was muscular and hot. I glanced over the rest of One Direction and found myself surrounded by a group of good looking guys. Zayn was the dark, sexy one, I could tell. He was tall and muscular with dark hair and dark eyes. Louis was hot, but Zayn was drop dead sexy. I smiled at him before looking at the next guy. Harry had a head full of curls and gorgeous green eyes. I felt like I was staring into an emerald. His smile was so adorable, I couldn't help but giggle. And lastly, Niall. I don't think I had ever seen a boy as good looking as him. He was tall and blond. His eyes were to die for. They were bluer than the ocean and I found myself getting lost in them. He had a smile on his face and I found butterflies forming in my stomach because of it. He wasperfect. I wanted him!

“So Bri, how is the music writing business going?” Liam kidded just to make small talk. The last time Liam had been home, we were writing a song together! "A song? You write music?" Harry interrupted. I turned to him with a smile. I loved to talk about music. I loved music in general. One of the many things my parents were proud of was that each one of their children had a unique talent. While Jason was the best at hockey I had a knack for writing songs and singing them. For my fifth birthday, my parents got me my own grand piano after I spent one year playing on a baby one. I was put into lessons right after getting it and since then, I have mastered the piano. Of course, my parents also had me in violin lessons, which I despised, but whatever it was, it made my parents proud.

"Write music?" Liam laughed, "Briana’s the most talented song-writer I've ever met. She's got a beautiful voice as well."

"Liam," I scolded while I could feel my cheeks burn up. I looked at the ground, my fingers lacing together as I felt my foot begin to play with the tiny rocks that had fallen out of the asphalt.

"Don't be modest, Bri! You are amazing! Maybe she can sing for you all sometime. She's brilliant."

As I was saying, Jason and I aren't the only ones with talents. Following in Jason's footsteps, Jonathan was good at hockey and in my footsteps followed Bella. Unlike me, Bella preferred the violin. She played it day and night and don't tell my parents, but Bella was the devil. She was amazing at pulling pranks and getting away with it with her cuteness. She usually pranked Jason and Jonathan because she was their personal punch bag and she always managed to get them back. But the reason Bella and I were so close was because she shared my love for music.

"Possibly. I should get going though. I was supposed to be home nearly a half an hour ago," I informed, glancing at the clock outside the shopping center. I knew my mom didn't care if I was home on time or not, but the conversation was getting kind of awkward and I needed an excuse to leave.

Liam frowned as the four others did as well.

"Let us drive you home. I'd like to visit Mama Hill," Liam commented. Mama Hill, also known as my mother. Many of my brothers’ friends called my mom 'Mama Hill' It was more polite than Cheri and less formal than Mrs. Hill. My father was Bryan. Nothing more. Nothing less. You called my dad Bryan or else you were kicked out of the house. My parents were real laid-back people and they were very loving. You could say that our family was out of the ordinary if you actually knew us.

"Are you staying at home?" I asked curiously! "I am indeed, my dear little Bri."

"Well then, yes, you may drive me home," I smiled at him. He began walking and I let him walk. He was always the leader and I was the follower. Ever since we were little kids, and I didnt mind. I turned to the four other boys, "I'm sorry I've been so rude. It's been a while since I've seen Liam. I hope you can forgive me?"

"Forgive you? You have nothing to be sorry for!" Harry said happily, brishing his hair from his eyes. I giggled and began walking with them after Liam. One by one, I began forming special bonds with each boy. During the car ride to mine and Liam's houses, I was squished between Niall and Louis who were both making me laugh like there was no tomorrow. My stomach was hurting from laughing so much and multiple times, all five boys reminded me that my laugh was so adorable. I'm pretty sure I was blushing the whole way back to my house.

"I've got a joke! A JOKE! Everyone be quiet!" Niall called. He turned to me with a brilliant smile, causing me to smile back as he leaned in closely to me, "Alright, now why did the chicken cross the road?"

"To get to the other side?" I questioned.

"Darn, how'd you know?" Niall huffed playfully. I laughed, leaning against him as the two boys on my other side pushed me towards him. I had my hands on his chest, making sure that I didn't squeeze him into the door of the car. I looked back to see Harry and Liam who were hitting each other, basically wrestling in the car. It made complete sense because Liam was driving. "Talk about unsafe driver" I said and rolled my eyes. At that, the whole car brst into laughter.

"It's alright, Briana! I'll rescue you!" Niall shouted heroically, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer to him. I laughed and allowed myself to relax in Niall's arms. It felt good to be in his arms, as weird as it sounded and as quick as it was. I had only met Niall less than an hour ago. Less than a half an hour ago actually. But still, he was cute and he knew how to put a smile on my face.

"Here we are! Home sweet home!" Liam shouted as he pulled into his driveway. Sadly, Niall unwrapped his arms from me to get out and as I slid over to get out, his hand stuck out to help me out. I smiled and placed my hand in his. He pulled me out of the car. He bowed a little and placed a kiss on my hand, causing me to laugh. He closed the door behind me and our hands dropped, "Briana. No one's home, is it okay if we come over? Just to be safe..." Liam asked! Of course I said yes! I loved having their company.

I knew Liam was kidding but I allowed him and the boys to follow me to my house anyways. I walked up the steps to our front door, opening it effortlessly and stepping into the sweet smell of home. I could smell my mom's famous apple pie cooking from the kitchen and her shuffling through there, beginning to cook dinner. I saw the light to my father's study on and I heard the voices of my brothers yelling at a television set upstairs in the "game room". I heard Bella playing the violin in the music room which she and I shared.

"I'm home!" I called and I knew everyone in the house heard it. No matter how large our house looked and how large it actually was, if one word was whispered from the basement, you could probably hear it. Our family tended to have loud voices.

"Hey sweetie! I'm in the kitchen, can you come help me a second?" My mother's sweet voice called. As I said before, my parents were very loving. My mom was one of the sweetest human beings in the entire world. She did not dislike anyone and she had a very comforting feeling to her. No matter how bad of a day you had or maybe how much trouble you were in, my mom had a tendency to make you feel loved and better.

I led the boys to the kitchen and I realized why my mom needed help. She was balancing a tray of roast beef in one hand an apple pie in the other while trying to shut the oven door with her foot. I laughed and rushed over to help her. She let out a sigh of relief and placed the pie in the oven as she set the steaming roast beef on the counter. She placed a kiss on my cheek.

"How was shopping, sweetie, buy anything good?" She questioned, obviously not noticing the boys who were still standing by the door. Liam began leading them closer to us as my mom took out a knife and fork to cut the beef.

"It was fine. I ran into an old friend," I smiled.

"Oh really? Who?" She looked up and a smile lit up her face as she saw Liam standing in the doorway with one of his huge, adorable smiles on his face. She dropped the knife, fork, and oven mitts on the counter as she opened her arms, "Liam!" She rushed over to him, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He hugged her back and she placed her hands on his cheeks, kissing both of his cheeks lovingly, "Look at you! All grown up! I am so proud of you! We all are!"

"Thanks Mama Hill," Liam grinned.

"Hey Cher, do you need any help with dinner, love?" My father asked as he walked into the kitchen. He was folding a newspaper up and as he tucked it under his arm, he noticed Liam. Instantly, a smile formed on his face, "Liam, my boy! How've you been, son?"

"I've been good, Bryan and you?" He questioned, shaking my dad's hand.

"Excellent! And who are these fine young lads?" My dad asked, looking at Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis.

"Bryan, Mama Hill, these are my friends, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn," Liam introduced.

"It's nice to meet you, boys," My dad said, shaking each of their hands strongly.

"What a pleasure! Welcome to our house! Any friends of Liam's are friends of ours. You can call me Mama Hill, most do! Won't you all stay for dinner?" My mom asked all at once. Did I mention my mom was also very friendly and polite? Just like when she met my boyfriends or Jason's girlfriends or any of our friends, she invited them over for a meal and she treats them as if they are royalty. It's something I love about my mom. She's always so positive and nice.

"Well if you insist," Niall kidded. My dad's laugh was always loud. It was more of a boom if anything. He laughed and patted Niall on the back, smiling at him as he finished his laughing session.

"I like you, boy. It's a good thing you all are staying for dinner. Mama Hill makes some pretty good beef," My dad announced with a nod. I rolled my eyes at my dad and shook my head as my mom did who rested a hand on my shoulder.

"Those boys sure are cute. You should go for the one with the blond hair. With a face like yours, he is probably already in love with you," My mom whispered in my ear. I nudged her as she smiled at me, nodding in a way that I should go and talk to them. My dad walked over to my mom, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her cheek. I was always jealous of my mom and dad. It seemed like they never fell out of love and that's how I wanted to be when I was older and married and had kids. Hopefully, it would happen.

"Why don't you all go upstairs? I'm sure Jason will be ecstatic to see Liam," My mom urged with a smile. My dad had his hand on my mom's back, the two of them smiling at all of us with two smiles, "I'll call you lot down for dinner when it is on the table."

I, once again, led the boys to our next destination. We walked up all of the stairs and I listened to them chat about some things. I occasionally added my input in their conversation. As we reached the game room, I knocked and waited for a response. If you're wondering why I knocked on a door in my own house, it's because more than once my brothers have thought that it's okay to change in the game room.

"What?" Jason called back.

"Are you two decent or do I have to be worried about incest?" I responded, causing the five boys behind me to laugh.

"Shut up, Bri. We're fine," Jason called. I opened the door, looking at the two boys who were watching a game on the television. Jonathan was wearing a pair of jeans with a jersey for his favorite player and Jason was wearing jeans with one of his football team's t-shirts. Jason glanced at me, "Whatcha want, Bri?"

Jason was bi-polar. Not really, but I mean at moments like this. When he could be sarcastic and jerk-ish and then totally sweet and funny. Jason and I generally got along well. We all were pretty close. Sure, we had our arguments but our parents usually made us settle it civilly.

"I have a surprise for you," I giggled. He looked at me in confusion before I opened the door all the way and stepped in, revealing Liam.

"LIAM!?" Jason questioned in surprise. Liam grinned at him and Jason shot up. The two boys ran at each other, colliding half-way and pulling each other into a hug. They patted each other's backs. The two hadn't seen each other in almost two years after growing up together as best friends. Occasionally, I'd walk in on Jason talking to him on the phone but other than that, Jason was stuck with his team mates at school.

"Hi Johnny Boy," Liam greeted my little brother who got up to high-five him. The two bumped fists too.

"What is with all of the noise?" Bella asked in aggrivation, walking into the game room with her violin in hand.

"Don't be such a drama queen, Bell." Jason rolled his eyes.

"Hey Bell," Liam greeted.

"Liam!" Bella chirped. She ran to him and he lifted her up. Her arms wrapped around his neck, violin still in her hand, mind that. She never ever let that thng out of her sight. He kissed her temple before setting her on the ground.

"When did you get home, Liam?" Jason asked.

"Just this morning. I ran into Bri at the store," Liam explained.  Jason finally realized we weren’t alone in the game room and looked over at the other four boys.

"Hey, sorry! I'm Jason," He introduced, shaking each of their hands. They introduced themselves and I found my older brother immediately clicking with them as the six boys sat down on the couch to hangout. Jonathan said his good bye because mom had informed him it was his turn to set the table. I decided I would go practice piano while the boys talked and before I closed the door, I met Niall's gorgeous blue eyes. I smiled at him before closing the door behind me.

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