It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


1. First sight

*hey guys, this is my second One Direction fanfic; the first one didn't really work out. Have a look at my profile on Wattpad if you want to see it though! I hope you like this and please get more reads, ratings and comments :) xxDaisyxx *

As I tune my guitar for a practice with my band, Drops Of Summer, I wonder how this happened. How this opportunity is even possible. How we are the opening act for One Direction's concert.

Hi, my name is Holly Rose Scurr. I am the lead guitarist and back up singer for the band Drops Of Summer. Me, along with three of my friends, are in the band and lucky enough to be opening for One Direction's Melbourne concert. I am ecstatic, because I am about the biggest directioner that there is.

I start playing the chords of our song 'Soul', but then I hear screams and a load of bangs against the door. As I go to the door, I open it only to see One Direction standing on my doorstep.
"Umm guys" I call out to my friends to come and see this, but I am stopped by the shoving of the five boys coming past me into my house. I slam the door behind them, and looking out the front window, realize that we are blocked in by crazed fans.

That's the last thing I remember. I woke up a few seconds ago, sitting up almost straight away. I stop my heavy breathing, and behind all the screaming, I can hear One Thing playing. Wait. Since when did it have so much guitar? Wait. One Direction is in my house, I remember. I get up onto my feet to see a concerned Zayn Malik sitting on a chair at the table, staring at me. Bewildered, I stumble backwards. "SHE'S UP" he calls out to the other band members. As they pile into my living room, yes, One Direction in my living room, they don't hide the fact that they are comfortable. Harry and Niall plonk down on the armchairs, legs in all directions possible, whilst Louis and Liam lie down on the couch stacked onto eachother. As they all blab to eachother, I stand, still in shock, with Zayn on my side. "Guys, you should thank this young girl for letting us in her house!" He yells, receiving a creepy glare from each of the boys. I giggle, trying to stop so I can spit out some words. "I had no choice..." I point out, cracking up afterwards. "Zayn, does this place have any food?" Niall whispers. "NIALL!!" We all yell at the same time. Well, he's going to be hard to feed.

*what did you think of my first chapter? Please comment, rate and read of course! XxDaisyxX*

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