#Imagine - 1D

Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


1. Louis - English

#imagine Walking down the street, enjoying the beautiful autumn. You look at your phone, 15 minutes left! You walk into the park, and sits down on one of the benches. You've been sitting there for a while, just looking at the leaves falling slowly and peacefully, when someone suddenly breaks the silence. "Keeeeeeviiiiiiiiin!!!!!" You hear a familiar voice scream out loud. You turn around, to look behind you, and there he is. The boy you've been waiting for. Your boyfriend Louis Tomlinson. The Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. You get up, and gives him a huge hug. You haven't seen him in a while, because he has been on tour with the boys. "Hi babe" he says and kisses you on your cheek. "Wow, I've missed you so badly! " he continues, and pull you close to him. "I've missed you too, BooBear! " you say and smiles at him. He takes your hand, and the two of you start walking through the park hand-in-hand. "Soooo...." You say after a while of silence. Not bad, awkward silence, just calm and tired silence "you said you had something planned for today, so let me hear, what is it? " Louis smiles and look at you, with such a loving look on is face. "You'll see love" he says and you walk the rest of the way to his apartment. As soon as you've both entered the apartment, Louis grabs your arm, and turns you around. "I've thought about something lately. You know I love you to death, and you mean the world to me! So how 'bout you move in with me? I mean, you're here all the time anyway, and I'd love waking up beside you every morn..." "I'd love to" you suddenly say, interrupting Louis. Suddenly a huge smile appears on Louis' face, and before you know it, he pulls you into a huge hug, and kisses you passionately! Xx

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