The Witch- Observer

This is my entry for the Twilight comp. Cassidy Knightly was a witch. She had observed the Cullen family for Ten years, living together the perfect family. She has always loved Jacob Black, betrothed to Renesmee Cullen, but still watches from a distance, knowing it would be best. But when an intervention of fate brings Jacob and Cassidy together will she be able to leave him again? Check this out, I'd be very grateful ;)


1. Watching

Using my witch powers, I hid in the trees, unsensed by even the shapeshifter that was below me. Or the half vampire for that matter. It was the same as always, watching them lead their happy lives, forever unhappy. Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black, together. Forever.


She was beautiful. Bronze ringlets hanging down her back. Gorgeous brown eyes. Pale skin. She was one of a few half vampires existence. Now she put her arms around Jacob. I felt a pang in my heart.


Jacob Black. His gorgeous black hair was tousled. His shirt was off, showing off his six-pack. He grinned at Renesmee and gently touched his lips on hers. The pang in my heart grew painful. I hated seeing them kiss. It reminded me of everything they had. Everything I DIDN'T have with Jacob.


He knew me once, I had a different name then. We were childhood friends. He never knew how much he meant to me.  That was before I took the potion that made me 17 forever. Being a witch had its many privileges.


As their kiss became more intense, so did the feeling in my heart. It hurt so much. I floated down from where I was hiding, still unseen and left them to it.



I passed a lake and stopped to look at my reflection. I couldn't see it in my current form, so I got down from where I was floating, I was, once more, solid. My long black hair hung around my face, having, again, gotten loose from my ponytail holder. My moss green eyes glistened with unshed tears. I felt sorry for myself.


Until, suddenly, wild screams pierced the cold November air.

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