The Hogwarts Newcomers

This is for the CROSSOVER COMPETITION! Sorry, did that in capitals because I'm really excited for this competition, even if I don't win. After all, its the taking part that counts and I hope you enjoy my fan-fiction!(: Gonna have a fun time writing it. Anyway, this is set in Hogwarts and the Wizarding world surrounding it, but the characters from the Hunger Games come to Hogwarts also, along with some Capitol members that haven't been mentioned before, so I've made them up.

NOTE: I know some of the characters used in this fanfiction are dead ( *le cries* )in the actual books/films etc, but I've bought them to life again in this fanfiction okok I'm an experienced wizard.

Enjoy, PLEASE like and favourite and comment. It would really help me!:3


3. Sectumsempra!

"Vile. Absolutely vile." 

Draco paced up and down the Slytherin common room shaking his white hair out of his eyes, and brushing down his robes. Crabbe and Goyle were sat in a chair and they nodded and murmered agreement at every word Draco uttered.

"What does Dumbledore think he's doing?" he sat down on the sofa opposite his two friends and put his head in his hands. "My father thinks this school could stoop no lower, inviting Muggles to the school! They could reveal the entire wizarding community, how could he even trust them? Right now they could be taking notes about our life, ready to expose us all and then they'll be a war between us and them I bet you any money! My father agrees, and my mother. Dumbledore is a complete idiot."

"Yes Draco, I agree Draco," said Crabbe and Goyle in unison.

"Well if they're not going to go.. I'm going to drive them out, mark my words. In fact I'm going to go right now. Just stay here and if anyone asks where I am... I don't know make up any excuse, okay?"

"Where are you-"

"None of your business, Goyle." And with that he swept out the common room and headed down the gloomy corridor. He sniffed. He could smell 'dirty' Muggle's and Mudblood's a mile off. In fact he could smell a rather horrible smell coming from the girls bathroom.


Draco Malfoy stuck his head round the door and leapt back, tears stinging his eyes from the repulsive smell. The bathroom was flooded. The sewer grate had been pulled upwards and a horrible smell was emitting it while water from the toilets splashed everywhere, leaving a sizeable trail of water down the corridor leading from it. Moaning Myrtle was pointing a finger at a sink, shaking and raging.

"You! Hermione Granger's told me all about you! Oh yes she seems to think you're just misunderstand but no! You're an offensive, disgusting animal!"

And there in the sink sat Kreacher.

"Oh Malfoy, Draco Malfoy now he is worthy of my attention, a glorious pure blood. And then Myrtle, filthy scum of a Muggle born, disgusting inhabitant of the toilets, rid yourself..."

"YOU RID YOURSELF!" screeched Myrtle. "THIS IS MY HOME, NOW APPARATE YOURSELF STRAIGHT OUT OF IT!" she was furiously flying around the toilets now, attempting to lob streams of toilet roll at the house elf but he dodged it every time, cackling and hobbling away.

"I thought I could smell a Muggle born. Worse than the smell in this sewer." Draco smiled coldly.

"Oh yes, Kreacher agrees whole heartedly, Kreacher will obey Draco Malfoy for he is a pure blood..."

"Very good, very good," Draco said absent mindedly. "But I have business to attend to."

And with that he swept out the toilets, just in time to see Hermione Granger coming round the corridor bend, wand in hand and with a furious expression on her face. Her bushy brown hair flew behind her as she pointed her wand at Malfoy. He smiled thoughtfully. 

She really is pathetic, he thought.

"Malfoy. Unless you want me to go straight to Dumbledore or Professor McGonagall or even worse, Snape, I suggest you go straight back in that toilet and apologise to poor Myrtle right now! Do you not understand how traumatised she is?! I could hear you down the corridor, abusing her- well Kreacher was too but that's not the point, he doesn't know what he's doing, I can't blame him. House elves for hundreds of years have been treated badly and I'm not going to become part of that tradition. Anyway, you-" she jabbed her wand into his chest, "Should know better."

"Get out of my way, Mudblood Granger," he growled. She opened her mouth to speak again and he immediately drew his wand from his cloak.

"Silencio!" Hermione fell silent, but continued to gabble.

With a satisfied smile he swaggered down the corridor, and then he saw them. The Muggles, just three of them, but three was better than nothing. It was the girl, Katniss and the two boys, Gale and Peeta. He was disgusted to see them waving wands around as if they were toys. Did they not understand the sacred method of magic? He would teach them a lesson.

"Hello," he said, approaching them.

"Hi," they said back, then resumed looking out the window at the Hogwarts grounds. Some people were playing Quidditch, but had started to pack up as snow began to fall heavily from the sky. 

Draco pointed his wand at the three, not caring who he hit.

"Locomotor Wibb-"

Gale spun round, shot his wand at him and a bright white light lashed out towards Malfoy. Huge cuts slashed into his face and body, and blood was pouring from ever sharp gash. His eyes were so swollen and cut that he could barely see through them but he could just about see the girl almost in tears of shock and the boy who had shot the spell gasping with fear. The other boy was rifling through a spell book.

Professor Snape came running, along with Professor McGonagall. Snape heaved Malfoy up violently, muttered an incantation and his scars faded almost instantly.

"What do you think your doing, planting a Stinging Jinx on one of my best, most talented students?!" roared Snape. "He could have been blinded!"

Gale was shaking and white.

"Professor Snape, don't be so hard on them," McGonagall muttered. "However Gale I must ask you why you performed such a horrible jinx on Mr Malfoy?"

"He..he tried t-to perform the Lelly Jegs, I mean the Jel-Jelly Legs curse on me, s-so I just wanted to d-d-disarm him and it went a bit w-wrong, I'm so sorry!" He was still shaking, as though he himself had been scarred.

"Okay this boys in shock, you two take him to Madam Pomfrey," she pointed to Katniss and Peeta who scurried off. 

"Wait!" She called. They turned back. "Gale, give me your wand."

He did, then the three were off again. She inspected the wand and went slightly pale as she stroked the wood and tapped it on her hand.

"Snape.. it's jinxed. We have a rogue wand." The wand had now flew out of her grasp and was bombing towards her again at top speed. She ducked just in time and managed to grasp it, writhing in her hands. 

"I'll take it to Dumbledore, see who's responsible and I shall let you deal with Malfoy, Severus." With that she swept down the corridor with her black robe billowing behind her, closely inspecting the wand as she walked as though it might fly off the rails again.




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