Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


1. "Oh my god, i am so sorry"


      "Amelia Rose, wake up. You need to get dressed". I groaned and turned onto my back, pulling the covers over my head.
"Go away, i want to sleep". Next thing i felt my cover soaked with water. I slowly got out of the bed, rubbing my eyes.

"What the actual hell" I looked over at my door and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Stood in my door way was my big brother Sean.

"Oh my god, Sean. What are you doing here?" I asked shocked. I haven't seen my brother in 7 months.

"Got an early holiday" He said while opening his arms.

I ran straight into his arms, hugging him close to me.

"I missed you so much."

  "I missed you too Amelia. Where is Mom?"  I looked down and back up at him.

"She went with John"

He ignored what i said and just hugged me tighter.

"I'm sorry Amelia" He kissed the top of my head."Come on, get dressed and i will drive you to school"

"Okay. I will be down soon" I said while walking to my closet. I grabbed a top and a pair of jeans before heading to get a shower.

I took a quick shower,got dried and dressed.
I grabbed my necklace that Sean gave me on my 16th and the bracelet he got me for my Christmas and headed downstairs to see Sean eating. I was wearing this [polyvore]

"So we better go before i am late" I said while walking to the fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water and headed to the front door. I grabbed my bag and my iPhone on the way.

"Wait, you haven't had breakfast" Sean said coming out the door and locking it.

"I eat at school" I said. A total lie.

"Oh,Okay. Hop in" Sean said and gestured towards his car. I got in the passengers side while he walked around and got in the drivers side.
The engine came to live and he slowly backed out of the driveway and down the road.
We got to the school within 15 minutes. Usually i walk with Chad to school. But i was glad i had my brother to take me. I don't think i could stand walking with Chad this morning after last nights beating. 

~Skip car ride.

"Okay, so i will see you after school right?" I asked Sean while grabbing my bag.

"Of course. I will take us to dinner and then i got to meet the boys" He said referring to his friends Dean,Leo and David.
I didn't like them all that much. Leo tried to kiss me the last time i saw them.

"Oh okay. Well i better go Lily and Chad will be waiting on me." I said quickly.
I shut the car door and watched him speed off down the road.
I turned around just to bump straight into some one "Oh my god, i am so sorry" I apologized.
I looked up to see this guy looking at me.
"No, it was my fault, i wasn't looking where i was going." I looked at him and he actually was very handsome.
"I'm Jason" He said while holding his out. I grabbed onto his hand and shook it. " I'm Amelia Rose but everyone in this school just calls me Amelia"

"Well it's very nice to meet you Amelia Rose" 

"So you new to the school then?" I asked while adjusting my bag on my shoulder.

"Yeah actually, i was just looking for room 245"

I smiled. "You're in my homeroom, come on i will show you where it is" I said and started to walk down to Mrs Burns homeroom.

I passed Lily on my way who was talking to her Boyfriend. She smiled at my and then winked. I just rolled my eyes and continued walking.
Soon we were outside our homeroom. "Okay well this is it. I am just going to go to my locker and grab my stuff" I told Jason and started to walk away.
"Okay but hurry because i don't like the way these girls are looking at me" He said. I heard him lightly chuckle and i continued to my locker.

I saw Chad leaning against the lockers next to mine, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Hey chad" I said as i got to my locker. 

"Who was the guy that dropped you off this morning? I seen you getting out of his car. Who was he Amelia?" He said getting angry.

"It was just my brother Chad. No big deal" I said while grabbing my books for art.

I grabbed my book, shut the locker and started to walk away when Chad grabbed my arm. Really tight i might add.

"Don't give me that BS Amelia, you know what happens when you lie to me" He said grabbing my arm tighter. 

"Ow, Chad let go, y-you're hurting me" I said tears ready to fall from my eyes.

"Let her go dude, can't you see you're hurting her" I turned my head round, still in Chads tight grip and saw Jason stood there.


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