My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


1. Just a normal day at the rink

"WAKE UP NERISSA!!" my mum yelled from downstairs, she was so loud I swore the whole neighbourhood could hear her. I rubbed my eyes and slapped myself on the face a few times just to make sure I was 100% awake and wouldn't fall back into my cozy bed to snooze "okay..." I mumbled loudly enough for her to hear me and forced myself to get out of bed, it was already 7:15am, I dragged myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get changed.

I grabbed my skating bag and locked the house door behind me then hopped into the car where my mum was waiting for me. Since I'm on a term break, I go to the ice rink like literally every morning to train for an upcoming competition thats going to be held in the U.S. in about 1 month. I was chosen to represent the country in a junior grand prix, also known as JGP in short , and i have to say I'm pretty proud of this achievement. 

It takes about a 15 minute drive from my house to the rink so I reached the rink at around 8. "Train properly and don't waste time! You wouldn't want to humiliate your country and get last for the competition would you? I'll see you at home later at night. Kathleen is sending you back home so stay together with Ashley okay?" my mum did her loooong speech like she always did... "Okay mum... Now goodbye, you better rush off to work before you get late, BYE!!!" I ran towards the rink area before she could continue her never ending  'speech'. The rink is located in a shopping mall so if I want to train I've got to come super early and finish all "dangerous moves" before 10:30 because that's the time when the public skaters are allowed to come in, and trust me, its totally impossible to skate properly when all the public skaters are around. Ashley is my best friend and she was also chosen to compete in the competition with me and Kathleen is her mum which was also happens my mum's friend. 

When I got in, I saw a girl with light brown hair and dark brown highlights, it was Ashley! She was doing her warm up until I ran over and literally yelled "HEY ASH!!!" not realising how loud I actually was. "Owhh hey Rissa!! Don't have to be so loud you know... I bet the whole rink knows my name now." she replied and hugged me. "It has been such a LONG time!!" I pretended to take out an imaginary handkerchief and started acting like those emo women in old movies where they sobbed and flinged their handkerchiefs around, I doubt that you could actually wipe your tears off like that... "come on! It has only been like... Uh... A week!" she said waving her hands around sarcastically when saying 'a week'. "how is your ankle? Is it feeling better now?" I asked "yeah, after a one weeks break of doing nothing at all... But I must be extra careful to not twist me ankle again, can't afford to loose another week of training!" she replied. Ashley twisted her ankle on the landing leg a week ago while trying to land a triple toe loop jump. She twisted it quite badly and the doctor said she had to rest for a week... Which kinda sucks when your competition is coming up in a month. "Your mum is sending me back home after training" I told her "yeah I know, she will be here at around 7pm so we basically have the whole day here and I don't think we're going to skate the whole day so I think we'll just walk around the mall after training, what do you think?" she asked "Sure! It has been awhile since I've walked around the mall anyway"I replied

I put down my bag next to Ashley's on the bench then plugged my earphones into my iPod and stuffed one side of the earplugs into my ear while walking towards Ashley so I could do my warm up and stretching with her. My iPod was blasting 'nobody compares' by my favourite band, One Direction of course! It was a bonus track from their yearbook edition of their new album, Take Me Home. I started to sing softly along to the chorus. "cause no one ever looked so good in a dress and it hurts cause I know you won't be mine tonight...... Nobody compares to you" I turned around and saw Ashley staring at me with a weird look, "what?!" I asked "Nothing..Its just that i feel like you're kinda obsessed over 1D, I bet like 3/4 of your playlist are songs by One Direction!" she exclaimed "uh... Yeah it's true that my playlist has loads of 1D songs AND i'm not obsessed, I'm dedicated." I said in a jokingly proud tone "yeah, yeah whatever" Ashley replied, rolling her eyes, I stuck my tongue at her and she stuck her tongue back at me. We stared at each other for awhile and started bursting into laughter. "And I bet your playlist contains every single Justin Bieber song" i teased her "I...uh..." "HAH!!!Gotcha back... BELIEBER" I said 'Belieber' in a disgusted tone. "HEYY!!!" she said offensively, she was about to continue when I held my hand up right in front of her face and said "Talk to the hand girl, talk to the hand" Ashley grumbled and pretended to be mad at me but as usual she failed and started laughing like a retard, I started laughing with her until I saw the clock "HOLY MACARONI its already 9!!! We better put on our skates and get in before the public skaters arrive." We raced over to our bags and put on our skates in record time.
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