Please Don't Leave Me [An Andrew Biersack Love Story]

Cassie doesn't really know anything about love but all she knows is she likes this guy at her school. Everyone wants to know who this mystery guy is. All the girls are talking about him saying "OMG, he is so emo." But I know deep inside he is amazing. And how do I know, you ask? It's just because I know. :) <3
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1. First day of school.

First day of school.

(Cassie's P.O.V)

"Welcome to Jack R. Middle School! We all hope you have a great school year!" One of the teachers yelled in me and Amber's ear.  "YOU TOO!" Amber screamed twice as loud. I laughed a bit. "Cassie, Cassie, Cassieeeeee!" Amber shouted trying to get her attention. "What?" I said. "I NEEEEED to see your classes! Gimme Gimme!" She snatched the sceduele out of my hand. "Do we have any classes together?" I asked exitedly. "OMFG, AHHHHH! We have five classes together!" She said while getting her phone out. "Well, I gotta go i will see you in 2nd period." I said looking at my sceduele. "Okay, Byebye." She said walking toward her homeroom. I started walking toward what I think is A hall but not sure and then I ran into this handsome guy and my stuff went everywhere. He has gray eyes, black hair, pale skin, and dressed in all black. "Sorry, I'm soo clumsy." I said.  "It's fine. Acually you are the first person that didn't say EWW to me today." He said while helping me pick up my books. "Why would anyone say EWW to you?" I said without thinking. "Well a lot of reasons actually." He exclaimed handing me my stuff. Then the bell rang. "Well I better be going bye." He said walking away. I stood there alone thinking who was that mystery guy?


I'm sorry if this chapter was suckish .. This is my first story EVER. So give me a break. c: Please?

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