Fate has it's Ways

When Valerie and Macy take a trip to London, they find a rather drunk Louis Tomlinson at their doorstep. Who knew all this would change Valerie and Macy's life? Or will something happen that leaves Valerie to pieces, and Louis chasing after her once more?


1. Chapter 1


Valerie's POV

"I cannot believe that we are here finally! London! Oh my gosh, Val pinch me! Pinch me and tell me this is not a dream!" shrieked Macy. 

That there, is my dear friend. A childhood friend. A best friend. Oh what the hell, she is a sister that I never had. We are so close. We are like cereal with milk. Weird example of our friendship but we are weird like that. We get along pretty well. And if we fight, well it's not exactly a nice scene to watch. It would make a great movie though! A movie with a lot of action. 

I gave her my best pinch ever that most of the people I have pinched told me that it hurts. Like, a lot. 

"Ouch ouch ouch! Okay that's enough! I get it! It's not a dream! Okay okay okay!" she screamed trying to get away from me. 

"I'm just following orders here, sweetheart! You asked for it. I gave it. So for that, no, I won't apologize," I said, giving her my evil smirk. 

"You little ... I will get you for this! You watch it!" 

We had gathered all our suit cases and was just scanning through all the whiteboards or cardboards with names scribbled on it. It took a minute for us to find Macy's and my name. After spotting it, we tried pushing through the crowd of who I assume was waiting for their beloved family and friends who were on the same flight as us. 

A guy who looks to be in his forties had greeted us with a big smile showing his teeth that were straight and pearly white. 

"Welcome ladies! My name is Peter but you can call me Pete. I am your driver for the whole duration of your stay here in London," he had said. 

"Well thank you, Pete! It's nice meeting you, by the way," Macy replied. 

While he helped place our luggage into the trunk of the limo, Macy and I discovered the limo we had. There was a mini bar on one of the sides together with a mini fridge filled with a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks too. We were more interested into the soft drinks they had. Typical us. We are not exactly the party or drinking type. But that doesn't mean we don't drink though. We can and we do. Just not all the time. Right beside the fridge was a bucket. A bucket of heaven I would call it. It was filled with sweet treats all the way to the brim. It was like halloween without going through all the hassle of knocking on doors trying to collect sweets. Imagine how happy I was. 

We were too engrossed into discovering what the limo contained that we had not realised that the limo was already moving. The ride was not that long. Well, I guess. Half the time Macy and I had spent getting hyped on the sweet treats. The screen that divided the driver's seat and the backseat was being scrolled down and Pete had informed us that we had arrived. 


Macy's POV 

We were finally in London. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was invited to London with Valerie by Aunty Lisa, Val's aunt. I was told the motive of this get-away vacation was so Val could turn a new leaf. Aunty Lisa thought that it would be good for Valerie. A breathe of fresh air from all the hardship she has been through. 

I was going to help her try to move on from the past and get on with her current life. Like what one of the Youtubers, Kandee, says "You don't want to let the poop of your past stink up the beautiful blossoming garden of your future." 

We got into the limo and was now discovering the different variety of sweet treats they had. They had Refreshers, Love Hearts, Double Dip, Fruity Pops and the list can go on and on. The similar thing Val and I share is that we are both sweet tooth. Give us any candy at all and we will except them whole heartedly. Even ones we have never tried before. 

When we were younger we had this usual group we would hang out with. It consisted of me, Val, her brother Victor and his bestfriend Alfie. All four of us would spend our left over money for the week on candies. We would sit up at the tree house at Aunty Lisa's place and share our bag of sweets. Nobody can ever handle us when we were in our hyper state. And I really do mean nobody. 

We reached at the hotel even before we knew it. Well what do you expect? We were too busy to even look out of the window. I barely even knew the limo had moved.

I stepped out of the limo, helping Pete take our luggage out from the truck. For some reason, Val took a long time to come out of the limo and once she did, we took our own belongings and stepped into the hotel.

It was very grand looking. Well, it is a 5-star hotel anyway. The first thing you see right up ahead was the reception. And to the left was a flared staircase carpeted in red. To the right was a sitting area with a grand piano with someone playing on it.

Val went to check us in while I waited in the sitting area. I was genuinely excited to see our room. I was told that we had a family suite, one with 4 rooms, a kitchen that we are allowed to cook in and a sitting area. They provided free wifi in each room, iPod dock in every room, a dvd player, Play Station 3 and Wii too. That would be our room for 2 whole months. I'm sure I could live with that with all the convenient entertainment we had in our room. 

Darcy's POV

First thing Macy and I did when we first stepped into our suite was raced each other fighting for the best room. That was how immature we can get sometimes. I had found myself a spacious room that had a nice view. I threw my suitcases onto the bed signaling that I called dibs on the room. I went to take a look of the toilet that was in my room. There was a walk in shower together with a tub. 

As I was checking out the freebies there was, I heard someone ran in. Macy I supposed. It was just the two of us in the suite anyway. 

"Valerie! I hate you! I hate you for calling dibs on this room before I did!" she shouted on the top of her lungs. 

I could not help but to stifle a small giggle. It was always funny seeing or hearing her mad. 

I stepped out of the toilet and saw she was standing at the doorway with her suitcases and her hair in a mess. 

"The other rooms has got boring views and only a walk in shower. I hate you so much for getting this room." she stated while dropping her bags and suitcases. 

"We can switch rooms! We are here for 2 months. A month each for us to use this room. Deal?" 

"Yes! You are the best! I take my words back for hating you. Teehee!" she said while giving me a hug. 

We had finally settled in and I had already unpack. Knowing the never organised Macy, she did not bother to unpack while I was doing so. Instead she just made herself comfortable, using her laptop in the sitting area with the telly switched on to E! News. She loves knowing about celeb gossips, somehow. 

As I finished settling in, I whipped my phone out and gave my aunt a call. 

"Hello Dear! How are you? Settled in? How is the hotel? Everything fine?" my aunt questioned.

I giggled. It was nice listening to her voice. It is typical of her to be bombarding me with questions in one go. 

"Aunt Lisa! Cool down! It's not like we have a limited time to talk! One question at a time please!"

"Sorry dear, I just couldn't help myself."

"It's okay, Aunty. Yes, I am fine. How about yourself? Yes, I just finished settling in and decided to ring you. The suite is comfy! I'm loving it! There's 3 rooms and 1 of it is left unoccupied. And yes, everything is fine."

"I'm glad you like it! Well I hope you enjoy yourself! Make the best out of it! But do give me a ring once in a while alright?" 

"I will, Aunty Lisa. Thank you again. For this whole gift."

"It is no problem, love. Well I got to run now. Take care. Tell Macy I said hi. Speak soon! Love you."

"Alright! Love you too, Aunty Lisa."

And with that, we ended the call. 

You see, this trip to London, it was a get-away gift from my Aunt Lisa. The last time I travelled was with my parents, to Australia. The memories of that trip still vivid in my mind. Aunt Lisa had picked out this 5 star hotel and picked a suite for our room. She even hired a driver, Pete, to drive us anywhere we would like to go. So the only money I had to fork out is on what I spent in London. Although Aunty Lisa had given me around 2000 for my spending there too. 

I sat on the bed, just thinking about everything. I have been through a lot and it is exactly why this gift was given to me. 

Life is hard. Life is unfair. You won't exactly learn until it happens to you and you're affected badly. This was exactly what I just went through. I learnt to not take things for granted. Love everybody around you. Give extra attention to those special to you. Because not everything lasts forever. We come and we go. That is life. Whether you want to leave or not, you will someday. You just never know when. That is when loving everybody and giving your attention to them everyday comes in. Because you never know when would be your last time spending your time with them.

I decided to not think so much about it. After all, this is my get away vacation. I shouldn't drag the past to the present. It is time I get over it and move on. 

I walked out of my room to see Macy sitting on the sofa with her foot on the table top. The T.V was on but she was on her phone. 

"Getting comfortable, I see?" I joked.

"Did you know One Direction is in London right now?! Oh how great would it be if we get to meet them. I would then get to meet Harry. We would fall in love and get married and have kids and grow old together." she said, looking somewhere in the distance.

She was fangirling. Here we go again.

"Whoa there. Snap out of it. Come back to reality. You're just Macy. We are just ordinary people. Harry is in One Direction. The hottest boyband and known almost everywhere in the world. What chances do you have in meeting him, anyway." I said bitterly.

I have always been one to not fangirl. It is not like I just purely hate it. But I was trying to save myself from being hurt. I know how I would just be raising my hopes up and would just be heartbroken when I realise the probability of meeting them was maybe never. 

"Well it is not wrong to dream. I wouldn't want to speak too soon. Anything can happen anytime, anywhere. And did you just said that we are just ordinary people? Correction, I am an ordinary person. You on the other hand, should I remind you that you are a fashion designer who owns a shop that is pretty much booming and that you've met some of the world's most known fashion designers? You are bound to be found by some celebrity who hires you to be her fashion helper or something," Macy ranted. 

Well, what she said was true. I have met some of the world's most known fashion designers and majority of them have complimented my work a lot. But I didn't like it when Macy finds me somewhat like a big shot and she says she isn't. I hate to be compared to. Or when people compare themselves to me. Macy has been trying to apply to Vogue magazine for 2 whole years now, and she still wasn't accepted. But she never once gave up though. In fact, the day before leaving for London, she went for another interview with Vogue.

ho knew what fate had brought us because well... Throughout this whole trip in London, the most unexpected things happens. 

We had spent the rest of the afternoon exploring London and satisfied our tummies by getting ourself some dinner at a nice restaurant around the corner from the hotel. Lucky for us there was a grocery store nearby to our hotel. 

We spent quite some time in the store filling a trolley full of junk food. Chips, sweet treats, breakfast related food and more chips. Hey, can't blame us now can you? We are just a couple of teenage girls on a get-away vacation for 2 months. We had to stock up now don't we? And just so you know, it wasn't all junk food that we took. We did took cherry tomatoes, carrots, fruits and such. 

After checking out, we headed back to our hotel and called it a night. 

I showered, changed into my comfy over-sized tee and pajama shorts. That was my usual sleeping clothes, other than a onesie. I like to be comfy. 

After freshing up, I jumped onto my king sized bed. Boy was I comfortable. A big bed occupied by a single person. I knew that I was going to sleep well. 

Well how wrong was I when I was awoken by a constant loud knocking on the front door. I was contemplating on whether to get out of the comfortable spot I was in and open up the door or just continue sleeping. 

I would have continued sleeping if I knew Macy was one who is a light sleeper so there would be a slight chance that she would go open the door, but no, unfortunately she is not one. And secondly, the knocking was too loud and was beginning annoy me. 

I jumped out of my dear bed and trudged all the way to the front door. I looked into the peep hole only to see some guy. 

"What?! It's ... I don't know what the time is right now but I'm sure as hell it is late and --" I was rambling but was being cut when the guy just pushed past me and went scurrying into my suite. 

I was fully awake by then knowing that I had a stranger who was in my suite. Who knows who he is and what he wants. I went in trying to find for him in my big suite. 

Right now I really wished the suite was not that big and had many rooms. 

As I was deciding which room to search for him in, I heard some gagging noises. I followed it and he was found in my room's toilet. Over the toilet bowl, throwing up. It was not a pleasant scene.

"Eleanor! Why did you leave? You know I love you. So why did you go? Everything we had, was it nothing to you? Come back," his words slurred but clear enough for me to understand. 

Seemed like drunk talk to me. Something about him made me feel like I should not worry about whether he was going to harm me or not. Although he may be drunk I can tell somehow that he would not do anything so harmful. And from the sound of it, he seemed like he just had his heart broken. 

I snapped out of my thoughts and went over to him. I rubbed his back and tried cleaning up after him. After I was sure that he had vomited all that he had in him, I wiped his mouth with a wet hand towel. He seemed like someone I knew though. But I just could not figure out who. 

I figured since I had no idea who he was and he was too drunk and too heartbroken to be left outside of my hotel room door, I decided to let him crash at the suite. 

I swung one of his arms around my shoulder while I helped him up and into the room. Along the way he was drunk talking.

"I see carrots everywhere. They're flying. Look there they are! Do you see them?" he asked, pointing to nothing.

I couldn't help but laugh at how silly he sounded. My laughed had made him turn his gaze to me. I stopped in my track as I looked into his blue orbs. It was beautiful. I had always fancied people with blue orbs. We stared into each other's eyes for a minute or so. 

"You look beautiful. And you smell nice too." he said, breaking the silence and staring deep into my eyes.

I was flattered. I was never usually called beautiful. I broke our gaze knowing that he was drunk and probably did not meant what he said and continued helping him into one of the spare room.

It took a long time to get him into the spare room we had in the suite. I tucked him in and went back into my room to continue my sleep. 

Something was just keeping me up though. My thoughts. I know I have seen that guy from somewhere. Eleanor. I have heard of that name before although I don't own any friends who goes by that name. There was also something about him that had me drawn to him. 

You might think it is crazy talk because he was a random drunken guy who came knocking on my door just so he could throw up. And no man has ever looked good when they were drunk. His eyes though, they were intriguing. 



Hey guys, this is my first time writing. So go easy on me. Hehe! I apologize if I have any misspelled words or some of my sentences don't make sense. I might ask you guys in the future for some ideas/suggestions if I ever get writer's block and I will take them into consideration and give you credit for it if I ever use them. I am hoping to get at least 21 favourite (if you get why, hint hint: louis's age) by the end of January, I will be posting another 2 more chapters. =D Do stick with me until the end of this movella, please! ^^ Comment, like and favourite! 

  Thank you and love you, Saranna 



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