Celeste is your average small-town girl except she has a unique talent. Her love for arts alongside her remarkable skill in painting manages to land her a scholarship at the University of the Arts in London. We follow her steps as she strives to keep her inspiration and her personal life under control while dealing with all the drama college has to offer.


2. The Goodbye

"I have the most exciting news to tell you", I almost screamed at Donna the moment she picked up the phone.

"Calm down girl, you'll make my ears hurt! What happened?", she asked.

"Do you honestly think that I am going to spill the tea over the phone? What time do you get off work?", I asked her impatiently. 

I didn't want to tell her my news over the phone, I wanted to be there, face to face with me so I could see her reaction. Of course, I knew I had to wait since Donna was working late today at the local pub. 

"Around 7. Do you want to come by? Maybe I can arrange a small gathering with everyone?", she asked.

"Sure, ill drive by the pub then", I exclaimed and I am pretty sure I could radiate the happiness I felt through the phone. I heard Donna's laugh on the other end of the line as she hung up the phone. I was hoping that Jason would be back by then so I could take the car.

After hanging up the phone, I immediately run downstairs to finish my breakfast. By the time I reached the end of the stairs, my mom was already on the phone with my grandparents sharing the amazing news. I sat back on the kitchen counter and started daydreaming about my first day of college. Eventually, anxiousness started to creep inside of me, alongside joy and bravery. You can do it, I reminded myself. It is just college, not the end of the world.

Time flew by really quickly and once I had lunch, I run to my room in order to get ready. After a hot steamy shower followed by numerous different outfits I just couldn't decide from, I ended up wearing a white top and blue shorts alongside my white converse. I looked myself in the mirror, appreciating the fact that I managed to get a little tanned this year and it fitted perfectly with my dark brown hair. It even made my green eyes pop out a little bit more. I decided to not put on any makeup since it was still pretty hot outside and it would be ruined by the heat anyway.

As soon as I heard Jason's keys at the door I stormed downstairs. 

"Congratulations kiddo! I knew you could do it", he said the minute he saw me and hugged me really tight. 

Truly, it was unusual for my brother to show me any kind of affection whatsoever but I believe the moment to show each other some love has finally come. It only took 19 years of my life to actually hear him say anything good about me.

"Thank you, Jason", I said kindly. "I'm going to need the car. I'll go to the pub", I said.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks for letting me drive it to work today", he said as he strolled down the hallway all the way to the kitchen.

I got in the car, put my bag to the seat next to me and turn on the engine. One of my favorite songs was blasting through the radio and I started singing along at the top of my lungs. After 15 minutes I arrived at the pub and to my surprise, everyone was already there waiting for me.

"Here is our girl", Donna shouted the moment I walked through the door.

Maria and Kevin. My friends, my best friends actually, seeing them all together, sitting in our special reserved booth made me realize how much I am going to miss them once I am gone.

Donna has actually been my best friend since kindergarten and knowing her for so long has made us feel like sisters. We actually looked pretty similar as well, except she had brown eyes and was way taller than me, something that made me feel really insecure when we were younger. Not that I was really short, more like average height, it was just that I felt she overshadowed me because of that. Eventually, as we grew older I learned that beauty does not have a height limit and many other inspirational quotes that boosted my confidence and actually made me happy for my little flaw.

On the other hand, Maria whom we have known for almost three years now, as we befriended her when she moved to our town from Sweden, was completely opposite to us in the matter of looks. Her blonde wavy hair and her blue eyes could easily make her pop out from any crowd. You can also imagine that her different characteristics made her the most beautiful girl in our school but gladly her pretty looks and all the attention everyone was giving her didn't change her personality and that is why I admire her so much.

Lastly, Kevin was the latest addition to our little gang as we have been friends with him for almost a year now since he started working at the pub with Donna. Of course, he is older than us by two years, and he is a bartender that has messy black hair, the darkest eyes I have ever seen and a body fully covered in tattoos. Needless to say that the man I just described could make Donna's heart skip many beats every time his eyes met hers. Yes, you guessed right. Kevin is Donna's secret crush.

As soon as I told my friends about my acceptance their faces filled with happiness and I couldn't stop grinning from bliss. Although, the second I told them about my departure in less than a month their faces darkened a little.

"So, you are leaving us?", I heard Maria's sad voice.

"What's with the cloud faces guys? I am not leaving forever. And you can come to visit me anytime", I said trying to cheer them up.

"She is right girls. You will also hear from the colleges you applied really soon", Kevin said trying to lighten the mood but I could see that he wished for none of these things to happen. Not because he didn't want us to be happy, or go to college but I knew he really liked hanging out with us and we have come to become quite close to each other. We were slowly forming a family of our own.

"I can assure you that it is not goodbye", I said and turned to look at Donna who didn't say a word.

"I am jealous and happy and sad and delighted and depressed at the same time, how is it possible?", Donna sincerely asked and I laughed while I felt the tears forming in my eyes. 

"You are my best friends, my family. No matter the distance, that is never going to change", I reassured them.

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