I Like Lemons

Danica Quillton likes lemons. She's untrustworthy of sweet things after a very unfortunate event at her orphanage, after Mrs Sweetbrown vanished and was replaced by the bony Miss Fullington. She just happens to be the sister of her evil mother, Cara, who abandoned her as a child...

Danica explains her life, right to the unfortunate moment at the orphanage through her diary.


1. Swarming with Confusion

I like lemons.

I must be one of the only people that do, but over the years I have become profusely addicted and dependent on horrible tasting things. They taste like bliss to me. I check them every day to make sure they’re safe then take a bite.

I’m not mad and neither is my story. If you took in my appearance it is possible you would think I am, but I have learnt the hard way that taste and appearance is not always the safest, best option. I have corkscrew blonde hair which I rarely brush because I am always busy tending to my garden which at the centre has a magnificent lemon tree. It’s a shame no one gets to see it, but I have no visitors to my house. It always smells a bit bitter, but it is the most welcoming house I’ve been in. I inherited it from my grandma.

I have light blue eyes too, like the type of blue you get in English summer skies. It’s not sparkling blue like you’d see in California, but I think it’s pretty. I have pretty good eye sight too and so I should, considering I am only 17. I’m small but I’ve learnt to use it to my advantage, along with my skinniness. I used to be rather fat, because of the amount of cake Mrs Sweetbrown used to give me, at the orphanage. A nice name huh? Ginny Marie Sweetbrown. I loved that woman like she was my own mother, since I never had one of my own.

I miss her.

Nothing will make much sense unless you read my diary, which I shall allow you to do. If you’re not swarming with a bit of confusion, well…congratulations. If you are, then don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal. I failed to understand it the first time too, and it was my own story. It’s a good job I kept a diary, they’re wonderful things. I can look back at the good times, the bad and see the truth. I won’t keep you waiting. With a story starting with ‘I like lemons’ I suppose it seems like a pretty stupid story. But the motto I learned from Ginny was ‘you never know unless you try.’  She didn’t make that up herself of course, but she inspired me so much I believed she did. As I said, she was my mum, my friend and many more in that orphanage, the light when I was in darkness…

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