Running From Love

Dallas Daniels is an ordinary teenager. Her parents, renowned scientists often travel to other countries to display their inventions to famous people. Dallas doesn't really mind that she never gets to go. She enjoys the little bit of home alone it brings her.
But one day, when her parents are away, Dallas decides to enter their forbidden room, the "science lab".
But this is no science lab. And what Dallas finds destroys everything she's ever known.
Fleeing to Hawaii, she meets a mysterious man who plays the ukelele. He makes her feel at home in an unfamiliar place. But is that all he is doing? And why is it that Dallas can't escape him? ***
Sorry, the font is kid of weird. I don't know why...


1. Prologue

It all began when my parents went on holiday.
It was nothing out of the ordinary. Just a little trip to Washington, D.C. Being renowned scientists, they often went on trips to famous places to wow famous people with their inventions and discoveries. I thought this one was no different.
But then, on their fourth day away, Josh convinced me to open the door to my parents' forbidden room. Convinced me to make a decision that I knew would change my life, no matter what I found in there. But what I found didn't just change my life.
It destroyed it.

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