Boyband? Nah.

Nathan, Louis, Keaton and Josh are at their final year school together. They do not know any of the others. When somebody mysteriously enters their names into the school talent show, they have two weeks to learn a son and to perform. Will they succeed? Or will their reputations be ruined? [Not 1D]


1. Finding out

Louis' POV

First day of my last year. I guess I'll probably miss it, in a way.

My alarm went off, and I clumsily felt around the side-table until my hand closed around my iPhone. I turned off the alarm. I ran a hand through my hair, waiting for my body to wake up. I was squinting, my eyes refusing to adjust to the light shining through my blinds. When I decided to get up, I was running late, and mum's temper was running high. She threw a plate of toast at me, before shooing me back upstairs to get dressed. I pulled on a fresh pair of dark blue jeans, torn at the knees, and an Arsenal football t-shirt. Still munching on the toast, I put my shoes on, grabbed my bag, and ran out the door, to my car. It was 8.10. Shoot. I had only ten minutes to get to school. Great start to the year, Louis, great start. I pulled into the school just as the intercom announced class to start. I raced over to my locker, dumped the books and binders I didn't need and grabbed my History binder. When I entered, the teacher, Mr. Holland, glared at me. I coughed, my personal way of apologizing. He gestured to the only seat left- right at the back of the classroom. Next to... A boy, with dark brown hair, styled to the side. I went over and sat next to him. "Hey, I'm Nathan." He whispered, moving his books out of the way so place my own belongings on the desk. "Louis."

"Louis, you have the curtesy of coming in late, and yet you have the nerve to start a conversation, tell me, what was your conversation about?" Mr. Holland announced, throwing dagger-eyes at me. 

"Introductions." I muttered.

"Save it until break."

I nodded, and I could feel my cheeks flush slightly. So much for 'good start.'

Nathan's POV

I like Louis. He's definitely my type of guy. Yeah, I'm gay. So what?

I made the first move, "Hey, I'm Nathan." And I already like you.He didn't know that I already knew his name. "Louis." I opened my mouth to say something really cool, but then Mr. What's-His-Name interrupted the best moment of my life.

 "Louis, you have the curtesy of coming in late, and yet you have the nerve to start a conversation, tell me, what was your conversation about?"

"Introductions." A small blush was creeping up on his cheeks. Aw.

"Save it until break."

Louis nodded, waiting a second, until Mr. H turned back to the board. Louis did the middle finger at his back. I snorted, causing Mr. H to look back. "Yes?"

I composed myself, before, looking into his eyes. "Nothing." When he turned away I stuck my tongue out at him. Childish, I know, but I got satisfaction out of it.

Louis caught my eye, he was grinning. Who know I would already have got him to like me so fast?

Keaton's POV 

Why are those boys so stupid? I mean, why are they so interested in each other? There are all these pretty girls around for instance. Very pretty girls. Like Alexandra. I'm practically drooling over my textbook, when I see the teacher come up to me, and stare into my eyes. "Repeat what I just said, Mr. Hayes. About the Dynasty."

I didn't answer. Actually I just zoned out, waiting for the bell to ring. Fantasizing about girls. The teacher went back to the front of the room, probably classing me as a troublemaker. Actually, I was in Love. Love Sick. 

The bell rang.

There was a rush to get out the door, the teacher shouted over the hurrying students, "Page 56 for homework. Detention for anyone who fails to complete it!" I was last to leave. "Mr Hayes. Stay for a minute."

I turned back to him. "What?"

"I know you're new, and probably missing America-"

"Actually I don't give a shi- Sorry. I don't care. I don't care where I am and what I do."

I suddenly remembered his name. Mr. Holland. He sighed, "You are a womanizer. I can tell, by the way you were looking at Miss Irwin. Then the way you looked at the other girls around you. You know you are good-looking, I'm not trying to degrade you or anything. Just don't go out with a different girl every night. And don't, whatever you do, force them into a bed with you."

"So, you wanted a girl talk with me?" A 60 year old man was giving me advice on girls?"Sorry to burst your bubble. I am outta here." Before he could stop me, I was out the door and in the hallway.

Josh's POV

I bumped into someone as I ran down the corridor. "Oh sorry." I muttered, trying to get around him. I didn't look into his face, I didn't want to get hit. "Watch it- Hey are you alright?" He sounded generally conceded, so I looked up into his eyes. They were emerald green. His hair was brown, but light. It was sticking up all over the place. "Yeah. Yeah. I'm good."

I hurried away before he could pressure me with any more questions.

Later on, at lunchtime, I went to have a look at the bulletin board. There was a printed copy of all the contestants in this talent show. 

I saw my name.

"Hey. You. Bro. What's the matter- Oh."

Next to my name, three others were printed. The boy put rubbed the letters spelling 'Keaton' as if it was fake. "I never signed up." He looked at the other two names, before pulling out his mobile. "Yeah. Hey Louis. Come here. At the bulletin board. Uh huh. Ok."

"He's coming with Nathan. He's the only person's number I got in this school, besides Alexandra's." I saw his eyes and voice go a bit dreamy when he said her name. "Your girlfriend?" He shook his head, just as Louis came running over, closely followed by another guy. Nathan. I guessed. 

"Who signed us up? I mean we don't even know each other!" Louis groaned.

"Before today." Nathan muttered, looking slightly hurt.

"Peace. Dudes, we can't back out and this stupid contest is in a fortnight from today. Two weeks to learn a song. Two weeks to sing good and win it. Not possible!" Pessimistic, much.

"Hey. Have faith. We can at least try. Meet at my house later?" Crap, I sounded too enthusiastic. The others didn't seem to notice. "Alright."

When I got back to my locker, and opened it, there was a note, taped to the door. I opened and began to read. 

The talent show? That's nothing compared to what I have planned for you. 
You're going to win it. And if you don't... let's just say it wont be a great experience
for your face, and the toilets. You think you can lose? Well, get ready to have shit
in your face for the rest of the year.

I groaned, scrunching the letter small. I shoved it in my pocket. I will show the lads later.

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