Veronica Roth created 5 wonderful things, the factions we know today! Whether you are Erudite, (The Intellingent) Candor, (The Honest) Dauntless, (The Brave) Amity, (The Peaceful) or Abnegation, (The Helpful/Selfless) Some poems about these 5 factions, and what they stand for!


1. The Factions

These are little mini-manifesto poems describing each faction! Leave a comment to choose one! If you want to take the quiz to see which one you are, go to Chapter 8 for instructions! Also, "1st" means yost prominent faction, while "2nd" means your second most prominent! Not everyone has a second!

In dystopian Chicago, 5 factions all unite
They all have different virtues to show their might
Erudite is intelligent, cunning, and strong in mind
Candor is honest, and never use lies to hide behind
Dauntless are the brave, the fighters with nerves of steel
Amity is peaceful, artistic, non-violence is their deal
Abnegation is the selfless, helpful to everyone,
Now pick a faction, any faction, don't they all sound fun?

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