The Eye in the Sky

It can see us, but it can't do anything about us...


1. The Eye in the Sky

When the eye in the sky is closed,

Blindnes is power,

Chaos reigns.

We tear up the ground

and live in cells.

The only things we hear

are childish lamentations of lost love.

Screams on a battleground,

the murderous cries of guns,

are but smiled at;

are but games.

The brightness of colour catches our eyes

but makes us even more blind.

Where are the shades of green

and shades of blue of a lighter hue?

Where are they

but coated in gray.

It is funny that

we blind

enjoy the supposed freedom of colours

when we live in a world of

black and white

and that in between

which is our own creation.


When the eye in the sky is open,

it looks

and it sees

the carnage

the suffering

the bloodshed

the anger

the claustrophobia

the pain

the loss

the malice

the fear

the terror

the corruption

the horror

the inhumanity

and the darkness on which it now sheds light

and does nothing.


When the eye in the sky is open,

its silver eyelids shine

as they close once more.

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