Valentine's Day for my friend (1SHOT41D)

Emily was my best friend, suffering from leukaemia and only had a couple of days to live. Since our teenage years she told me how she wanted to spend valentines day with someone special, but that never happened. So to make her wish come true before she dies and make her feel happy and special for one last time,  I've planned something very special with my friend Harry. (Yes from one direction) 


1. For her.....

I was with Emily the whole time since we found out that she had leukaemia.
We knew each other since childhood and we were best friends who can never be apart. I promised her that we'd get her through this. We did every treatment possible. She went through chemotherapy. But it was too late. We found out really late that she was in the last stages of cancer. The chemotherapy did only some good to her. Not much. She almost lost her hair. She was weak. She was pale. Lying in the bed, all the time. Seeing her like this made me feel miserable. Like I couldn't do anything for her. But I  had to be strong for her. That's when I remembered how she dreamt about spending Valentine's Day. That's  when I decided to do something. 

I was with Emily in her room trying to convince her to come with me but she kept on refusing. "Come on Ems" I pleaded her. "No" she said in a weak manner. I just couldn't convince her. Since she's been here, at the hospital, she would rarely listen or talk to anyone. But I wasn't gonna give up. I and Harry had been planning this for her since ages. "You can show off your attitude to someone else missy, not me. You're coming with me" I said in a strict voice."Fine" she replied. "Good" I said and Harry laughed.

I made her wear a red T-shirt and jeans, nothing fancy. Just how she likes to wear her clothes. 

Before leaving the room we tied a black cloth over her eyes so she couldn't see where we were taking her. 

"You know, I really don't wanna do this." She complained. "Shhh" I said cutting her words. "We're almost there" I told her while she was in her wheelchair. After a minute or two we reached there. "Ok, so are you ready now ?" I asked. "Do I have a choice" She said sarcastically. "We'll leave you to it then." Harry said before unfolding the cloth that was tied onto her eyes. Then we quickly went behind the garden  where she couldn't see us. 

It was dark and she couldn't see anyone. "Hello! Is anybody here ?" she said. And that's when all the lights turned onto her. She was shocked. We heard a voice from the side of the garden  " I'm here, to make all your wishes come true love." We knew who it was. 

She looked around and finally saw Liam waiting for her on the other side of the garden. He was wearing a plain red T-shirt, with jeans and a grey cardigan. He then spoke  "First. To walk down the path full of flowers. Isn't it? She looked to him and then to the pathway that was fully covered in red roses. She shook her head in confusion but I knew she was gonna love it. Liam came beside her and helped her walk through the roses. It was so romantic. I was really happy for her. ''Second, to see a starry night." It was rarely when you get to see clear sky in London. But we did something really amazing and crazy. He pointed towards the sky. The sky was full of those lanterns. There must've been thousands of lanterns. It really looked like it was a starry night. She was overwhelmed and really happy to see that there was someone who made all her wishes come true. "It's beautiful." She spoke with a few tears in her eyes. Seeing her happy made me a bit emotional and I shed a tear. Harry then wiped it. "Awe." I said looking into his eyes. "Thank you Harry." I said thanking him. "My pleasure love." Wait. Did he just call me "love?" He never told me "love" before. I mean I've known him for years but he never told me that. I was a bit confused. We stared into each others eyes for a few seconds and then we were interrupted by Liam."And third." Liam said." "To be kissed by someone in the rain." That's when the garden sprinklers went on and he kissed her passionately. It was just like in a movie when a boy kisses his girl in rain. It was just like a fairytale dream that came true for her. She was happy. So I was also happy. I was also a bit sad because I knew that I only had a couple of days more with her.......

Seeing her happy made me smile. "You're the most pretty girl I've ever known." Liam said after kissing her and wiping the tears away from her eyes. He started singing Niall's solo from Little Things before confessing his love to her. I think those words perfectly fit the situation seeing Emily's condition. " I fell in love with you the same day that Ash introduced us. But I never had the courage to say it.I was worried that you would think of me as just another boy trying to play with a girls heart." He confessed. "Awe Liam." She said. "You're an amazing guy and I really like you for that." She replied. "And I can surely tell that you are not the kind of a guy who would ever play with a girls heart or hurt her." She said. "Thank you Liam. For making me feel special one last time. Thank you so much." She said and kissed him again. "Anything for my girl." He replied smiling cheekily. "Happy Valentine's Day love." He said while placing a small kiss on her forehead.  

I just stood behind with Harry in silence. Another tear rolled out of my eyes because I was happy for them. "You know. I could also make you feel special." Harry said, breaking the silence. What was he talking about? "Huh? I don't understand what you're talking about." I said. "Come on. Don't play games around me. I know that you like me." He said. Giving me a flirtatious smile."I can see it in your eyes." He said. How did he find out that I liked him? I never told that to anyone. Well, except Emily. Wait. Did she tell him? I cannot believe she told him. At this point he was directly looking in my eyes and couldn't say a word. My heart skipped a beat and before I could come back to my senses he softly planted a kiss on my lips. It was beautiful. I had never been kissed. But now I knew that even I had someone who really cared for me and loved me. "Happy Valentine's day." He said pulling back, holding my hand in his. With a smile on his face. "She told you, didn't she?" I questioned him. "Yes. She did." He replied. "When did she tell you?" I asked him. "Does it matter?" He said directly staring into my eyes. I felt a big lump in my throat and couldn't say a word. Finally I managed to speak. "No, it doesn't." I said and kissed him. "Happy Valentine's day to you too Harry." I said smiling shyly. "So." He started. "It's Valentine's day and I'd like to ask something." He said, looking directly into my eyes. My heart was beating thousand times faster. "What is it?" I asked smilingly. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked looking at me. "Yes." I replied shyly looking at the ground. I'd never been so happy. 

"Hmm. So now you're officially Harry Styles' girlfriend." He said laughingly. "Yes. I am." I said in a firm manner. Making him laugh. Holding hands we walked towards Liam and Emily and joined them in the garden. She was really happy in Liam's arms. She slowly walked towards me, hugged me and thanked me for making this night memorable for her. "Thanks Ash." She said. "Anytime sweetie." I said. I was a bit furious at her because she told Harry that I liked him, but somehow I was happy that she told him. "How's everything with you and Harry?" she asked curiously. " Well we're together." I said shyly. She again hugged me and congratulated us. Then we all had dinner that was arranged by Liam at the band stand in the garden, fully decorated with red roses, lights and well, everything red since it was Valentine's day. I was happy. Because my friend was happy. And because now I had someone like Harry to be there for me by my side. It was a lovely night. I won't ever forget it.


 I was happy that I made my best friends wish come true, but at the next moment I was sad and lonely because she left us. One of the nurses told us that she passed away early in the morning, in her sleep. She didn't suffer her last moments. She told us she that when they saw her, she had a huge smile on her face. I thought I had few more days with her. Why did she have to leave me the next day? I thought to myself. She was like a big part of my heart that just went away from me. I felt like something was missing. I cried like a small child. But then I remembered her words, " If I die, please don't cry. Just look at the stars and say goodbye......." 

Liam was beside her with us in her room, just staring at her. He was completely shocked. I think it was most difficult for him to face this. He never knew this was gonna come in our ways, neither did I. We all thought she would be here for more days. But now she's gone. Harry went to Liam and said,"It's alright mate. It's ok." He comforted him. I had to keep myself strong but I just couldn't. Harry then came towards me and I hugged him, burying my head in his chest. "Shhh. It's gonna be alright love." He said. "I hope so."

We all said our final goodbyes and went out. I was happy that her wish to spend Valentine's Day with someone special came true. I made my way towards home with Harry. He insisted that he'd walk me home. I held his hand in mine and kissed him and said "I love you. Thank you for being here, by my side, when I needed you the most." He then lifted my head in his hands and said "I'll always be by your side baby girl. No matter what happens. I'll always be there for you. I love you." "I love you too." I replied back, and we made our way towards home.

I'll always miss Emily. She was a big part of my life. But now I also had Harry and I felt like my life was almost complete......
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