Valentines Day With Harry

Alexa and Harry go on a cute/romantic date together instead of going out to dinner as they usually do every year they decided to do something different and special.


1. Too perfect

Alexa's P.O.V

The warmth from the sun coming through my opened blinds landing onto my cheek giving my face some heat. I roll over to face my opened blinds opening my eyes almost blinding me.

Today's valentines day and I'm excited to have another year with my boyfriend Harry. I love him very much! Also it's exciting this year because its going to be different then last year he said. I get up from my bed stretching my arms out seeing that the clock says 2pm I saw my Droid DNA on my glossy cherry wood table. I have a morning message from Harry.

Harry: "moooorrrning beautiful happy valentines day! Lots of love see you soon :) love you!!!"

Me:" morning!!!!! Happy valentines day lovely! Loooovvvveee so much! Hehehe :) see you soon"

Every morning I get a morning text from him it gives me a soothing feeling inside my body.I got up from sitting on my bed an headed to my bathroom to start a hot shower. Today it's supposed to be 54 degrees.


Got out the shower and my hair is soaking wet and all natural which is wavy and curly like. I decided to wear a cute orange long sleeve shirt with blue ripped denim skinny jeans, black short boots that were leather that had rhinestones on it.

Leaving to meet Harry at the beach now.


"Harry!!!!" I ran and jumped onto him as he spun me around.

"Hey beautiful" he kissed me on my lips

"Happy valentines day"

"Happy valentines day I have something very special for you so follow me" Harry grabbed my hand leading me to a area at the beach.

"Here we are we will eat lunch here so you hungry?" The area was marvelous had a elegant white tent, a tan table with two chairs.

"Yea I'm hungry but where's the food?" I didn't see any food on the table.

"It's coming right now" I saw people carrying food to our table pulling the chairs out for us.

"Oh thank you"

I looked at the food seeing it was my favorite! Steak, mash potatoes and ice tea to drink! But wait its lunch time?

"Harry this is dinner food it's lunch time?"

"Haha I know I have something special for you remember so just eat up" he smiled at me as he dived into his food.


We usually don't speak when we eat but since we're done eating Harry grabbed my hand pulling me to the ocean. It was so magnificent the sun was starting to set making the water have a beautiful color to it. My hair was flowing in the wind as I was standing next to Harry. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist placing his head onto mine.

"The ocean is gorgeous isn't it Harry?"

"It's just as gorgeous as you" he kissed my ear after he said that he's too sweet.

"Haha thank you" I had a little giggle after what he said to me.

"Oh my look at the time come on I have one more special thing for you" Harry ran ahead of me leading me off the beach.


It was still sunset and Harry and I was at this house? It had a huge beautiful maple tree in the backyard. Was this Harry's house he bought?

"Go out to the back yard I'll be out in a minute" I went out the Slide screen door and walked out.

The view was marvelous a giant tree fenced area huge backyard. The grass was a perfect green color and yet it's February!

"Ok back"

Harry came out the house with a basket, blankets,and something else I couldn't see.

"What's all that?"

"It's your valentines present"

"My present is blankets and a basket Harry I love you very much but seriously?" I was a bit puzzled

"Haha no silly you'll see when I'm done with this stuff"

I sat on the grass waiting for Harry to finish setting up.


"It's finished!"

I got up from laying on the brisk cold grass seeing a blanket on the ground that had a basket onto it the other blanket was out on the grass and a present?

"What's this?"

"Ok well I didn't want to take you out to dinner but I wanted to be romantic to take you to a beautiful beach just the two of us and eat dinner when it was lunch so then I could be romantic again and spend time with you under this glorious tree eating lunch for dinner and spending time out here with the girl I love."

"Oh aww your too cute Harry!" I ran and gave him a hug kissing him on the lips.

We sat down on the blanket which was quite comfy. Then Harry pulled out grilled cheeses, chocolate cake, cookies and cream ice cream, and two strawberry kiwi snapples. All my favorite things again.

"Oh my....... Harry did you make the cake and grilled cheese?" It looked so perfect

"Yea I hope you like it I tried my best"

I started eating the grilled cheese and it was fantastic! I didn't know how good Harry could cook he usually doesn't.

"Harry this is amazing, just like you" he smiled at me with his sparkling eyes.

After the grilled cheese we ate the chocolate cake with the ice cream. The cake was great too Harry did such a good job he did so much for me.

"Ok I have a gift for you" he grabbed the present off the side of the blanket.

"Oh Harry this is a perfect enough gift for me"

"No no just open it"

I opened the present seeing a infinity necklace, a cute teddy bear saying I wuve you, pjs, and a note at the bottom.

Dear Alexa,

I love you so much words can't even describe. When I'm with you it gives me joy and a soothing feeling knowing your still with me. It's hard being away from you when I'm on tour with the boys. I love everything about you your eyes with the safari green color, your Penny color hair, your style everything. I just wanted this valentines day for you to be extremely special! I hope you love it because I tried my best. Well I guess that's all I love you till infinity.

Oh my............... I.... It was so sweet he's...... I.... Can't even speak right now.

" you like it?" I heard the worry in Harry's voice

"Harry do I like it no" I looked at Harry who frowned and looked sad.

"Hey u didn't ask me if I loved it?" I lifted his chin up smiling at him.

"Do you love it?"

"'More then anything" I hugged him tightly never wanting to let him go.

"Ok next plan you and I go change into pjs and I have another gift for you" Harry got up and so did I.


I changed into my pjs a black shirt that says forever on it that hangs off on one shoulder, pajama pants that were hello kitty, and hello kitty socks. Harry is too cute sometimes.

I saw Harry waiting for me downstairs.

"Aww you look so cute as always" I giggled at him.

"Piggy back ride?" He asked me


I hopped onto Harry's back as he led me out the back door. Harry spun me around and we laughed liked idiots. I jumped off and chased him around the backyard then falling Onto him as we laughed. He pecked my lips as I laid on his chest.

"I want to sing a song to you that you love very much" he whispered Into my ear.

"Ok" I said back softly

He got up ran into the house and came back out with a black guitar. He can't play the guitar?

"I know what your thinking I can't play the guitar but I've been learning this one song just for you" he stared at me smiling as he said that.

"White lips, pale face breathing in snow flakes, burnt lungs, sour taste, lights gone, days end, struggling to pay rent long nights, strange men. And they say she's in the class A team stuck in her day daydream been this way since 18 but lately her face seems slowly sinking wasting crumbling like pastries. And they scream the worst things in life come free to us cos were just under the upper hand and go mad for a couple grams and she don't want to go outside tonight and in a pipe she flies to the Motherland or sells love to another man it's too cold outside for angels to fly"

He started to sing the A team to me it was too sweet. His voice was beautiful everything was beautiful. He didn't have to do all this just for me.


After he finished singing he placed the guitar on the grass coming over to me where the blanket was. He sat next to me.

"I love you so much you did all this for me but why?" I questioned

"Because I love you, I never loved a girl as much as I loved you" he kissed my lips softly as he laid back.

I laid back placing my head onto his chest. We looked up at the stars just staring at the beautiful sky and the leaves on the tree. That's when I knew everything was perfect as fell asleep together.

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