Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


1. 1.

"Bonnie? Wake up babe, we're just about to land, please wake up" Harry gently whispered in my ear. my eyes gently started to open shifting my body to the side facing towards where  harry was sitting facing forwards his head facing me leaning against the back of the chair smiling down as i wake from my dreams

"there they are, wakey wakey" he giggling

"morning" i said stretching and rubbing my eyes

"you know what?" he asked spinning his body around to face me more

"what?" i smirked

"you are the most beautiful girl in the world and i love you" he kissed me on the lips quickly and lifted up the arm rest to put his arm around my shoulder so we could get closer

"i love you too" i snuggled closer into him plugging in my headphones and putting on my IPod i scrolled through the songs to Forever Young. my memories flashing back to the x factor final. 

All the memories i felt during their performance, the guilt i felt but harry never made me feel like that in fact he made me feel the complete opposite. Once the boys finished forever young we had to wait until the end of the show to find out who won and who didn't.

our hearts broke when Matt and Rebecca's name were read out, the boys looked defeated weak and lost. Me and Perrie both started crying as the boys stood in the middle of the stage with Simon and Dermot and watched their best bits back from their audition to boot camp and judges houses. They cut out the whole situation with me at their audition which i was kind of pleased about, they showed all the performances they'd done throughout the competition and the home visits. the boys smiled at each other half heartedly tears forming in their eyes. the VT stopped

"Zayn whats going to happened to one direction now?" Dermot asked beginning to end the show

"this isnt the end of One Direction" Zayn smiled at Dermot. Dermot carried on asking questions to Simon as us girls started walking through the audience towards the side of the stage to meet the boys. Dermot finished off the show before the boys came walking slowly off stage, harry in tears Niall and Liam almost and Louis and Zayn just wanting to see their girlfriends.

we waited for them at the bottom of the stairs and they came walking down and separated into their pairs. i took Harry's hand and lead him through the backstage corridors quickly going into their dressing room not stopping to talk to anyone on the way. we sat on the sofa. harry crying even more i tried to comfort him but it was no good he was in a mess and i don't think he could handle anything else going wrong for him. once we got him calmed down we walked to the xtra factor studios where the boys had an interview the girls and i stood just behind the cameras so if they boys wanted to just look at us, we'd reassure them. after the interview the evening went super fast, the boys went around all the family and friends thanking them for their support taking photos.


it was 1 when we finally made it back to the hotel they boys had their stuff from the x factor house already packed so just joined us seeing as we all had separate rooms. Me and Harry were lying in bed both on our sides facing each other my head going over the days events when it came to the moment of the boys singing their final song and the text Harry sent me

"why did you choose that song?" i asked him his eyes fluttered open

"i told you in the text" he replied in his husky voice

"but really why? tell me"

"i don't know...i felt guilty for not being there when i could...i missed out on seeing her grow up and i wanted to make it up to you and her"

"babe don't feel guilty! you've done everything perfectly please don't feel bad" i cupped my hand on his cheek he put his hand over mine and stroked the back of it with his thumb

"im so lucky to have you" he whispered as his eyes fell shut again with him falling into a peaceful sleep

the day after the boys left the competition was the last in the series and the final between the final two. i was woken up to breakfast in bed, nothing big just a couple of pieces of toast and jam and massive mugs of tea. All the contestants had to be in the studios today however only the eliminated contestants had to be in by mid afternoon so we had the whole morning and lunch to ourselves. Harry decided to show me around London a bit more and take me out for lunch. we strolled through the streets of ;ondon hand in hand we got stopped a couple of times and got asked for photos some wanted me in the photo too which i just thought was weird other times i took them for the fans which was fine it was actually quite fun seeing girls scream and become really nervous around harry i suppose i have to get used to it.

harry took me to this lovely Italian restaurant by the river, although it was winter is was quite sunny so harry decided to take me on the London eye which was amazing we spent an hour on there before heading back to the hotel to collect our things. harry left to go to the studios while i waited for the girls to return from their days with the boys so we could get ready again today. it wasn't until 5 when we finally made our way to the studios and sat down in the audience. all the contestants did a group performance at the beginning then Matt and Rebecca took their turns to try and win votes. 

When Matt was announced the winner the crowd went wild, he was the favorite throughout he competition and when he sang his winners single everyone came running out behind him bombarding him with hugs and celebrations. once the show had finished the boys came out to the audience and collected us girls from our seats taking us backstage making everyone in the audience scream that they were that close to One Direction. that night was really a night of celebration the mood was electric but at 11 me and the girls had to make our way home back to Brighton, they boys were staying in London for a couple more days having meetings with record labels and Simon.

The boys returned just in time for Christmas and Louis' birthday. Louis' birthday was wild, mad and we all got extremely drunk however Christmas was the complete opposite quiet, relaxed and peaceful. Harry got me an IPad so when he was away on tour we could facetime and he also got me a Mulberry handbag something ive wanted since i was 9, i suppose he had the money for it now. the days after Christmas were nice, calm like how they used to be i spent the most of boxing day packing for this trip were now on our way to, the gift from Simon and x factor for me and harry to go to France for the week

and that's when we landed in Bordeaux 

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