The angel of my life

It took his eyes a minute or two to get use to the strange light. He felt the sun on his skin, the sand under his palms and the soft voice of an angel. He sat up and looked out over the sea. The sunset made everything even more beautiful, then it already was. But his eyes didn't even care about it's beauty. Out in the water stood the most beautiful creature he had ever seen before. She could't be a human, her long blond hair that curled down her back. Her naked body covered shined like diamonds. He instantly knew, that he had to find this girl. He had to have her. He knew he had fallen in love, and had found the one he wanted to spent his life with.

1. Daven.

If you were watching from the window, you would swear he still was still asleep. But Unfortunately for Daven, that wasn't the case. He just tried to fool his brain to believe, he didn't have to get up. He tried to remember his dream, it had been a good one this time. He remembers something about a sunset, and a warm sensation in his chest. He smiled, for what reason he wasn't sure. But it felt good, and made him sure that today was going to be something special. 

Well maybe it was time to get up, he thought. He opened his eyes, just a fraction. Just to close them again even tighter. He growled, his mom had clearly been here and had pulled the curtains away. His loving, crazy and totally unpredictable mother.  

He swung his legs over the side of the bed. Got up and got dressed, in his usual outfit. Dark pants, and a black sweater. It was like he had woke up that morning and realized this was another Daven.  On the fridge his mother had left a note. " I'll be home late tonight, don't do anything stupid. I love you, mom" he smiled, folded the small note and put it in his pocket. Maybe this was just some crazy thought, but he felt that this morning was different then any morning he had ever experienced.     

He opened the door and realized, maybe it wasn't that different a day. The rain was still purring down, the weather was cold, and the street looked as it always did. He pulled up the hood of his hoodie, and walked down the few steps to the street. On his way to school, he's smiled faded and his mood started to go down hill. The trash flooded the street, the loud noises of the cars, the angry and frustrated voices of the inhabbitents made his head wanna burst. He plugged in his headset, and soon al he heard was the screaming of the lead singer of the band. ( witch he didn't even know what was called) 


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