Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


1. The Show

Hannah's POV

"H..H..H..HAYLEY!!! HAYLEY HAYLEY HAYLEY!!! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" I yell as I run over to her in my BIG heels.


"Go see whose in the auuddiannce. You're gunna piss yourself."

"Yeah who is it? Ooonneee Dirreeectioon?" Hayley said sarcastically.

"Why don't you go seeeee?" I said mockingly. We go to turn around, but i see One Direction..

"Hayley.. Hayley.. Do. Not. Turn. Around."

"Why? Is Ooonee Direeection guna be there??" -Hayley

"Just don't turn around you're not gunna be so happy" -Me

"Why???" -Hayley

"Just don't. Listen to me for once!" -Me

"Why?? Onnee Direeectttioon??" -Hayley

"Whatever, take the chance of peeing yourself."-Me. They start laughing and her face I swear turned purple. She turned around and jumped. Then the stupid slut of the show, had to come over and ruin everything before we could even say one word.

"Guys I told you that the passes were to come see the most pretty girl here." -Brittany.

"We did."-Louis and Harry said in unison.

"Obviously not i'm still standing alone."-Brittany.

"Have you looked in a mirror lately. Is your achievement to look like a dirty tampon?"-Hayley.



"Whatever. I'm taking these damn heels off!"-Me.

"No you're not and be nicer to my daughter she is the prettiest one here."-Candice, our boss. We all laugh.

"Maybe if we were in a pond!"-Me.

"Oohh shi-nap shizz just got real!"-Hayley.

"Good girl!"-Liam.

"Not a dog!"-Hayley.

"Excuse me?"-Candice.

"Ribbet.. Ribbet i think you're family is calling for your daughter. They are waiting at the home for you.. or should i say the pond."-Me.

"What's that supposed to mean?"-Brittany.

"Hun.. you look like a frog. That's what i'm trying to say."-Me.

"THAT'S IT!! YOUR FIRED!"-Candice.

"FINALLY!! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!"-Me. I take my heels off and throw them in the air and walk off. I wasn't waiting for anyone. But then i hear Candice say something.

"You gunna follow your friend or are you going to walk your little ass down the runway and do your little job?" I almost turned around but then I heard Hayley.

"Hmmm... lets think.. SEE YA BITCH!! Excuse my language Liam." Then she walks after me. This was a pretty good day.

Harry's POV

Damn that girl was insane! Wait where did those two girls go?

"Now that there gone, we can finally have some talking time."-Brittany.

"You know i'm a little hungry."-Niall.

"We have food here!"-Brittany.

"Did i say hungry? I meant tired. I'm gunna go follow those girls and see if they have a place I can sleep. BYE!!"-Niall said and ran off. We all looked awkwardly at eachother.

"Well, look at the time it's time for me to call my mum."-Liam. He ran off after Niall.

"Well, and Lou have to go do some business with Paul..yeah Paul that sounds right."-I said and left Zayn alone. But he ran after us. But i got stopped by someone. 

"But Harry then i won't have anyone and you're my favorite."-Brittany.

"Well, me and those girls get on really well and i want to get to know more about them like.. i dont know there names would be nice."- Me.

"But you have to stay here with me. I planned an entire day for us."-Brittany.

"I have plans with those girls too."-Me.

"You just want to have sex with them. They won't let you. I will baby."-Brittany.

"About that...I have to pass on that. I'm in a committed relationship."-Me.

"With who?"-Brittany.

"Umm...what are those girls names?"-Me.

"Hayley and Hannah?"-Brittany.

"Yeah that sounds about right."-Me.

"Which one?"-Brittany.
"Umm...errmm..that one that got fired?"-Me.

"The one that quit? Or got fired?"-Brittany.

"The one that left first."-Me.


"That sounds right. SEE YA!!"-Me then i run off.




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