meeting the band

This story is about a girl name skyla styles she has a older borther name harry styles. harry is verry protective of his sister. but what happens when sky starts flling for one of his band mebers?


1. capther1


HEY GUY im skyla styles. yes im harry styles  twin sister. i have long wave brown hair and green/blue eyes. i'm 18 and not that tall. Today harry is coming to get me becaue him and his band have a 4 month brack and are going on a 4 month vacashon. im so happy to see the boys again it has been so long sences i have seen him.  i have just finshed paking my stuff now i just have to wait for harry and the boys to come get me.

Harrys pov

we are almost there! i said to the boys. they where just as exsieded and happy as i was. it has been a year sencs i have seen sky( sky is the nickname for skyla). we got to skys houes and ranig the door bell a few seconds latter skyla came a got the door. HARRY! sky said gaveing me a big huge. SKY! i said hugeing her back. then she let us all in.she whent and gavie the resed of the boys a huge but i notsed how she gave zayn and liam a longer huge then the rested of the boys. long time no see she said to us yeah we all said back then we took skys bags and we go into the van it was louis in the drives sit me in the pasenger sit the zayn and niall be hind me and louis then behind them skyla and liam. i was not to confurtabull with sky sitting in the very back with one of the boys , but i was glad it was liam becaus he is the responsabul one and i trust that he is not going to try anthing on sky.


Afther i got done hugeing harry i huged the resed of the boys but i huge zayn and liam a little longer i hope that harry did not notes. i have always had a soft spot for zayn and liam from the frist day i meat them. when we got in to the van i sat in the verry back and liam came and sit with me. i looked at he and smailed. hey i  said hey he said back its been so long sence i have seen you i said  i know liam said and huged me . i was really tired to so i layed my heaede on his shouled and he raped his arems around my wasts and i fell a sleep in liams arms.


i was really happy when harry said that  skyla was comming with us. i have alwasy like sky from the moment i meet here. we are in the van and sky is a sleep in my arms this fells like it was meent to be but i also know that zayn like her. i can see zayn looking at me a geving me looks be caues sky in in my arms not his.


when harry said sky was commeing is was exsied. i have allways liked sky from the moment i meet her. she quiet and shy ant first but she has a amazing presnlitty. we got in the van a niall sat next to me and liam sat next to sky. i was jelous when i saw him sitting whit sky it maid me mad and very jelous when sky was in liams arms a sleep.


what do you guys think comment who you think sky should go with zayn or liam and let me know what yall think

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