I Can't Believe You! (one direction fanfic)

" I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" I scream, tears pouring down my face, reminding me of a waterfall. Waterfalls are supposed to be majestic amd beautiful. Nothing of my tears are majestic or beautiful.
"Listen to me Amy! I can fix this. Please?" he begs dropping to his knees in an attempt to bring me back to him. I stare at him in his helpless state. Why does he do this to me? His beautiful green eyes meet mine and I close my eyes trying to block him out. Only it doesn't work. I still see his broken figure on the ground pleading with me. It's the charm of Harrh Styles I guess...

hey guys read. I promise this will get better. Thanks

- Taylor xoxo


1. 1

I Can't believe what I'm seeing. why? He knows how much I love him. Doesn't he? I run back home, trying to hold back the lump in my throat and the salty water in my eyes, better known as tears. I reach my street and slow a bit, calming to a jog. As I round the corner to my house I see paramedics in the drive. What?! I sprint to my lawn and run straight to a paramedic, my tears over Harry completley gone.
" Excuse me" I state in a choked voice " why are you here, at my house?" I continue staring up at the medic.
" Is your name Amy?" the medic asks ignoring my question. i quickly nod my head, probably looking like a bobble head.
" Your mother lives here with you correct?" he asks another question. I again nod to the large, burly, dark-skinned medic.
" Listen Amy, I am unbearably sorry to tell you this, but your mother just passed away. Of a massive heart-attack" My breath hitches in my throat and I stare at the medic trying to see if he's lying, playing a joke on me. My mum loves to play jokes on me. I bet she set this all up as he ultimate prank. Right? I dash into the house before the medic can get purchase on my arm. I dash through the front door calling out as I do.
"Mum? Mum? You scared me! This isn't a funny prank!" I find her limp body on the couch sprawled out. I laugh to myself at how well she's playing this prank.
" You know dad's watching you from the clouds mum. Hes not happy about how your scaring me!" I state. She doesn't move. I wander over to her waiting for her to jump at me. but she doesn't. i slowly inch closer and closer ready to back away when she lunges for me, to tiggle me, like after every other prank. Suddenly I hear a voice behind. The husky, british voice is way too familar. I slowly turn occasionally glancing back to my mother not wanting her to get me when I'm caught off guard.
" She's dead, Amy" Harrh states looking at me with sorrow filled eyes. This wasn't her ultimate prank. She's really gone...
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