Just Give Me A Reason


1. Chapter One

Ailbhe sat on the bridge, her toes skimming the water edge. Her mare pawed at the ground under the water. A bird called and the mare raised her head, her sliver mane bouncing on her neck. Ailbhe smiled as the mare swan to the edge of the lake and jumped out. She cantered a few strides.

 "Lady!" Ailbhe called out and the mare skid to a stop. Ailbhe called her again and this time the mare swung around and cantered back to Ailbhe, who stood up. Lady stopped and shoved her nose against Ailbhe's chest playfully. Ailbhe laughed and pulled on her boots. She slipped the headcollar on to Lady's head and tied the lead rope like reigns. She grabbed Lady's mane and clicked for her to trot on, then canter. Ailbhe ran alongside her and vaulted on. Lady kept cantering and Ailbhe turned her down the track to the left.

 The trees thinned out and Ailbhe sat back, pulling the rope slightly until Lady obeyed and slowed to a walk. She halted the mare and vaulted off her back. Lady broke in to a trot and Ailbhe jogged with her. She tied the mare up and got the hose. She turned it on low and held it up so that the water was hitting Lady's side. Lady sighed in contentment. It was a hot day, the temparture reaching twenty eight and a half degrees celcius.

 After Ailbhe finished washing and grooming Lady, she let her in to the field. Lady galloped around, bucking at her delight of being in with Ailbhe's firend's gelding, Oscar. Ailbhe leaned her arms on the fence, and watched the mare and gelding sniff each other before beginning to play. She turned and walked in to the office, a smile on her face.

 "Ailbhe, there you are, I've been looking for you" Rachel, the owner of the yard, said, looking at her iPhone. "Erm. . . There's some people who are coming to ride. They're kinda famous." Ailbhe titled her head to the side, thinking about who it could be. One Direction. She thought, but then laughed at herself. Oh how I wish...

 She had just finished tacking up Cragen, when a black van, with tinted windows pulled in to the yard. Ailbhe tied up the mare's reigns and gave her a pat before walking out to see who was booked for the lesson. The door slid open and Tim Burton stepped out. I realised I had actually believed that One Direction were going to ride at Willow Wood Stables. Well she did love Tim Burton. She plastered a smile on to her face and walked over. "Hi, I'm Ailbhe. I'll be helping in your lesson today."



At the stables I ride at, famous people do ride. Cian O'Connor had some of his horses stabled there for a while.

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