pokemon platinum: Sinnoh adventure

An adventure about to start in Sinnoh.
yay :3
comment if you want to be part :P


2. route 201

As I walked outside, I was called by my mother.

"Are you already going? Good luck and please come home soon today!"

I waved back at her before putting my running shoes on. It was cold and snowy outside in Twinleaf town, so I'm lucky I was wearing my scarf and coat. I saw Barry waiting just outside the small town so I ran up to him.

"Seriously Luciana, you're so slow as always" Barry said impatiently. 

"Ok Barry, let's just go to the professor's lab and get ready"

I ran ahead, until I saw the long grass right in my way, and I remember being told not to go through the grass as wild pokemon may attack.

"What's the matter, why did you stop here?" Barry asked. Is he stupid or what? I couldn't believe I had to tell him for the third time this week. "Wild pokemon will jump out of the grass if we walk through and we don't have any of our own pokemon to protect us!" Barry looked at the grass and smiled.

"Then let's not walk through the grass...Let's run!" Before I could stop him, Barry was running through blades of grass until we both heard someone shouting at us.


We both turned around instantly and saw professor Rowan. Barry walked out of the grass slowly and carefully.

"what is the meaning of this? two reckless children playing in the grass with no protection from a pokemon!"

But he was talking to Barry, who was just staring. He then whispered to me, "Hey, this old guy, he's the famous professor, what's he doing here?"

Professor Rowan then looked to me and asked, "Have you got your own pokemon?" 

I nervously shook my head.

"Well I was meant to give you one yesterday, but i was late arriving back from Johto."

He opened his bag, and it showed three shining pokemon, each with names on.




the decision was mine...

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