Styles VS Bieber

Selena and Harry are best friends when Selena wins a recording contract and Harry is planing to go to the X - factor when they meet again 2 years later an Selena has a boyfriend who Harry hates will Harry get jealous find out


1. Past

Harry pov

I am going to the X factor in two days and I am going to leave my best friend all alone my best friend her name is Selena Greene she has black hair with pink tips she is skinny and not to tall and not o short she is beautiful and yes I do have a crush on her I was going to tell her at her sweet 16 party but I can't see is coming over in 1 hour so I have I get ready

Selena pov

I am going over Harry's house in 5 min I don't know how I am I going to tell him I go accepted to go to la with a recording studio. I am going to miss him so much but I can't turn this down
I reach his house in ring the door bell

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