The mind trap craze is sweeping the nation, the virtual reality game on sale at every store. But when Pim tries it out, she realises something more sinister behind the addiction.

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2. Snippets

Jeff Hardy, Lord amongst his snivelling classmates stepped out from his dark volvo, joining the  asp of a girl standing waiting for him. His hair a stunning shade of murky blonde, arms tanned and easily strong enough to rival even the toughest wrestler... Pim sighed. No girl could resist the guy.

Unfortunately, that included Shannon, the  popularity seeking witch who was currently draped over his toned arms, and her hoard of mindless followers who flocked behind her sheep, hurrying close enough to her to bask in her addictive , high school famous aura.

Pim edged nearer, both trying to get closer to Jeff and entertaining an urge to push Shannon over, a childish desire to see her childhood bully fall head over Gucci heels onto the ground, which though Pim hated to admit it, would take a miracle to happen as she watched her enemy confidently strut down the path like a model on a runway. Clasping her hands together beneath her coat, she prayed silently as snippets of conversation began to float her way.

"So are you going to do it then Shannon?" 

"Sissy, honey, you know I already have. Daddy had the Butler bring it in yesterday."

"You know, I heard Mr. Walton's played it!" 

On hearing her head teacher's name, Pim pushed forward a little, deciding whether the conversation would be worth listening to or just another piece of outlandish babble. Struggling to make sense of what she'd so far heard, she tentatively tapped Shannon Timmons on the angular shoulder. 

With a jerk, the girl spun round on herself, glaring at Pim through narrowed eyes, her mouth curled up into an ugly snarl.

A slow smile played across her contorted face, whilst Pim struggled to plaster her own grin over her grimace.

"Hiya! Um.." Pim stumbled, searching for a way to ask what was going on, her mouth suddenly stuck together, her palms sweating uncontrollably. "Um..."

"What, jerk face? Spit it out!"

Frantically searching for a way out of the awkward situation, Pim frantically covered up her mistake. "Um... Nothing. Just.. Um.. Wanted to know.."

Shannon's face brightened, and for a moment her victim thought everything would be okay, taken in by her baby blue eyes. "Pim!" she gushed, a saccharine smile spreading across her complexion. "You want to know what's up? What's in the know?" 

"Umm.. "

"Yes?" the viper snarled, her face cold, teeth bared, going in for the kill.



Cackles of mirth spread through the herds in front of her, as Shannon knocked the smaller girl from her feet. "Answer me!"

Pim shook her head, tears screaming down her face, and even as she retched from the blow, she made one last stand against Shannon. 


By now the crowds had paused, forming a circle around the scene occurring, watching with baited breath as Shannon frowned, outraged. Hissing with disbelief, she turned on Pim. 

"What did you just say?"

Weakly, Pim shook her head. "Nothing..."

"Did I hear you right? Because my ears are telling me that you called me a bitch!"

"No..." Pim gasped, blood sputtering up from the depths of her throat, as Shannon kicked, hard, at her stomach. She clenched her eyes tightly shut, anticipating the next blow...

But none came.

"Shannon, that's enough."

Jeff, his face calm and unfeeling, placed an arm on his girlfriend's slim shoulder. Shannon winked back at him, playfully, as if finally toying with the idea of stopping Pim's torment.

"Fine Jeff. For you. Only for you.. As for what everyone's talking about..Tell me Pim? Have you ever heard of Mindtrap?." 

Shannon's voice tailed off as she forced her mouth to his is a passionate embrace, as Pim lay there in the mud, dirt smattering across her pale face.

Talk about outcast.

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