Whats Behind the Door

Its a story on a girl who has taken an adventure to a magical world behind a door in her cupboard and she needs to try and get home again.


1. The Move

One quiet Sunday morning, a young girl called Sue was packing her suitcases ready for when she moves in the morning to a big house in the countryside.  Sue had already packed her teddies, books and stationery in a cardboard box.  Sue’s toys and furniture was going in the van her dad hired to move the beds and sofas safely to their new house.  Sue only had her clothes to pack left.  She saved two suitcases to put them in since she had a huge cupboard full of clothes.

Sue opened her tattered cupboard to find a gold sparkly dress she had never seen before.  Sue took it out carefully so she didn’t rip it.  She looked in her mirror and put her dress on to see if it fitted. In amazement it fitted perfectly, like it was made for her.  A noise suddenly distracted her from the beauty of the dress. It sounded like the noise came from the cupboard.  Sue peered through the gap the dress was in and saw a door handle.  Sue had never noticed the door handle when she was getting clothes out of the cupboard before.  Sue drew the clothes aside to find a small door.  Curiously Sue opened the small door and crawled inside.

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