Whats Behind the Door

Its a story on a girl who has taken an adventure to a magical world behind a door in her cupboard and she needs to try and get home again.


2. The Gingerbread Man

As Sue stood up, the door behind her vanished leaving her in this weird place of, red and yellow lollipop trees and golden caramel lakes.  The path Sue was standing on was made of hard peppermint circles and it was very sticky on her shoes.  The sky had pink fluffy candyfloss clouds drifting above Sue’s head and a lemon bon-bon sun.

After a couple of minutes Sue spotted someone who could tell her how to get back to her own bedroom.  Sue ran up to him, he was a gingerbread man and had two smartie eyes, a raisin nose, a strawberry lace mouth and some more smarties for buttons.  Sue said”Hello Mr gingerbread man, do you know how I can get home from this land of sweets.” 

The gingerbread man said “To get back home you need to cross the chocolate bridge of sorrow and follow the black and green peppermint path, to the east side of candy cane castle.  In one of the rooms a ruby encrusted mirror will be standing all alone for you to make your only wish but be careful the castle is highly guarded so keep an eye on where you are going.”

Sue said “Thank you,” and was on her way.

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