Forbidden Love

Lola works backstage at the x factor. Her and her friend Ellie are told to stay distant and professional from the acts but when Irish sweetheart Niall Horan comes along can she keep her promise?

This story is realistic and follows quite similarly to the boys' experience on the x factor with Lola's story entwined. A story of forbidden love and difficult situations, can the 1D boys help each other on their quest for fame, love and friendship?

Any Comments appreciated - constructive criticism only ;-) NO HATE PLEASE!


1. Auditions


Working with the x factor I see all sorts of performances. Some are awful, some are incredible and some are just cringeworthy. It's always a laugh at audition stage though, me and my colleague/friend Ellie get to watch some of the acts and enjoy every single minute of work, laughing with the audience at the funny acts and marvelling at some of the not-so-good people that turn up. Once audition stage is over though, it isn't quite as much fun. Bootcamp is a time where we have to get to know the acts (in a thoroughly working manner) and pay attention to how they deal with the stress. We have always been told to never get personally involved with the acts and to stay distant and professional. I have nearly always done that. Ellie was a bit different, she would flirt with the boys who tried it on with her whereas i would just blow them off completely. She kissed one of the acts last year during the live final stage, a man called Dan. She got in real trouble for it and they gave her a formal warning - she kept distant after that!   


The acts seem better this year. Sure there are the crazy old people and the inexperienced rapper wannabees. But overall it seems a much tougher crowd this year. Today's the last day of auditions - we're in Dublin.  Sitting across from me in the staff room is Ellie.

"So whose been your favorite act this year, Lola?" She says as she stuffs half a donut into her mouth.  Honestly, some of my favorite acts had been sent home, so i guess i can't say them.

"Maybe that curly haired Manchester one.. and ooh the girl who rapped turn my swag on!" Me and Ellie had had to briefly speak to a few of the acts on their audition day. One of mine had been the 'curly haired manchester boy' Harry his name was. He was a real flirt and I'm not lying it was hard to not go with it, he was cheeky, attractive and had the most gorgeous smile. There had been a lot of good looking lads this year come to think of it. There was an Andy in London and this really good looking Birmingham boy called Liam caught Ellie's eye.

"ON IN 5" the producer shouts, my thoughts are interrupted and me and Ellie leap up to get to the waiting room in time.   First on my list is 'Niall Horan'. That sounds vaguely familiar.

"Horan?"  As i shout the name, a beautiful blonde boy turns around about 10 meters away from me.  Oh god. He looks up at me from his magazine with sparkling blue eyes, his hair falling naturally to the right with a small smile on his rounded face. 

"That's me" he smiles. I can't take my eyes off him, he smirks and grabs his bag.  How stupid i must look... I look down at the clipboard and tick his name off. Niall Horan. 

"You okay?" he says as he strolls over. His accent is beautiful. Dublin, or near about. 

"Fine" i'm trying to play like i wasn't just caught staring at this boy. "You're on in 10 minutes ok? Do you need anything; water, a backing track, any props?" 

"I'm singing Champagne Supernova by Oasis, could i have tha-"

"That's my favorite song ever!" i interrupt, he smirks again. I am determined not to embarrass myself again infront of him. Remain professional.  "Have you brought any relatives... friends with you today?" 

"Yeah, they're behind" he smiles. 

"They have to wait in the wings, Neil"

"It's Niall"

Now it's my turn to smirk. I did it on purpose - an 'accidental' name mistake to make me look less interested in him.   We reach the stage and i find his backing track, then fit his microphone. 

"Good Luck" He smiles back nervously. Beautifully. I cross my fingers and tuck them into the sleeve of my jacket.

"what's your name?" Louis Walsh says


"Niall what?" 

"Niall Horan" i smile slightly at the sound of his name. The usual "how old are you", "what's the dream" questions and Niall seems confident. 

"is this going to make you really popular at school?" Katy Perry asks.

"Yeah I spose Katy" he replies. Katy! As if he knows her haha! He starts to sing his song, his beautiful voice singing my favorite song sends shivers up my spine. I turn to watch the screen of Niall, his gorgeous blue eyes looking innocently around the audience intriguing them to clap along - which they are. It seems to be going well, he's obviously nervous, but it's barely showing. I sweep my hair out of my eyes and look onto the stage.  Suddenly the music stops... i look around confused and try to see Niall's expression but he's watching the judges. Simon Cowell has his hand waving in the air. This can't be good. I'm staring at Niall watching his reaction to what is about to get told. He's about to get kicked off. Katy Perry speaks first;

"You're adorable" He rolls his eyes in as if this is exactly what he did not want to hear. "You have charisma... I just think that you should work on it - you're only sixteen" I blank out the rest of what Katy Perry is saying focusing on Niall and his reaction to her words. He looks gutted about being cut off and put down. Simon starts to talk and I tune in, knowing his decision will matter most. Please be nice...

"I think you're unprepared, I think you came with the wrong song, you're not as good as you thought you were" I feel my heart drop and i see Niall's eyes glisten as if there's a tear ready to fall.  "But i still like you." I can't help but cheer along with the crowd, this has to be good! Simon  likes him, that's definitely a start!  Simon Cowell doesn't just say he likes anyone, there were singers who were (regrettably) better than Niall and Simon said no to them, purely because he didn't like them. He did after all have a knack for selecting good people to go through. I flinch at the sudden roar from the crowd. Angry at myself for not listening, i see Niall smiling making the sign of the cross and looking hopefully at the next judge. He must have gotten a yes from Simon... 

"No" Cheryl muttered. Bitch, never liked her.

"I'm going to say yes!" Louis smiled. Katy Perry can be enticed by his cuteness surely... his little blue eyes, blonde hair and heartwarming accent. 

"Of course-you're in"  Yeeeeesssss!!!! My heart melts at the look of pure delight on his young face. He's running off stage towards his family and friends and the crowd are still screaming with happiness. He catches my eye and sees me grinning, he's doing his cocky smirk again. He hugs his mom, keeping his eyes on me. Shit. Stop grinning! I walk over trying to act as though he was just another random auditionee. 

"Can i have your microphone?" 

"Sure!" he grinned. We walk over to the microphone bit backstage. 

"Aren't you going to congratulate me?" He laughs.

"No" I can't keep the smirk off of my face.

"Can i have something else instead?" He's staring right at me.

"Like what?" i say, pulling his microphone off him and setting it down. He's right behind me and he hasn't replied. I turn around and he kisses me on my cheek real quick. He flushes crimson and sprints off.

"He's so cute" I whisper, holding my cheek.    


Niall's POV 

"Can i have something else?" i flirt. i hope she can't tell how nervous i am, it's not like me to flirt with random girls, it's just i saw her watching me earlier and she seemed overly happy when i got through... 

"Like what?" she's not facing me. She turns around and I kiss her on her cheek and do best as i can to walk off casually. She definitely saw how red I was though. I'm at the door to the exit, sneaky peak to see how she reacted... I can't keep the smirk off my face.  She's standing almost in a daze with her tan hand stroking her cheek. She's so beautiful. Her long brown hair falls to her waist with a slight curl to it. Her green eyes stand out against her tan skin and she has no eye make-up on, which even makes her look like more of a natural beauty. Perfect.

"Niall, are you coming?" my mom interrupts my thoughts

"Yeah" One last glance at her and she's gone... I haven't even got her name.   


*3 weeks later*  



For once I don't actually mind getting up early. I check my blackberry, there's a text from my brother Greg. 

'gd luck at boot camp Niall, ignore Cheryl the bitch'

As if Greg would ignore her if he got the opportunity to meet her - one of the hottest women on the planet... My mom walks in the room with a full English breakfast, they're slightly different to Irish breakfasts. Less filling i think which i hate because it makes me stay hungry all day.

"Thanks mom" 

"Are you nervous for it?" I know instantly she means boot camp. Yesterday we flew over from Dublin to Heathrow to get to London. I have to go to the o2 arena for  2 days. I'm more excited than nervous, to get the experience and talk to other contestants and sing again. If i get sent home though I will be so upset... All i've thought about for the last few weeks is what it would be like to be famous, having girls shouting your name, seeing fans crying at the sight of you, selling out arenas in 6-or-something minutes. What if that was me... I finish my breakfast even quicker then usual and throw on a polo and some jeans.

    I arrive at the o2. How are there so many people here?! I join the queue behind a tall girl with long hair. Her hair is like the backstage girl's... I wonder if she'll be there today. I'll get her name today for sure. No one has any family or friends here to support them at bootcamp. I guess they're trying to make you indepedant. Maybe i should try and speak to someone... I'm going to be in this queue for a while. .. Suddenly someone shoves me from behind,

"Sorry mate" he says, his accent  sounds northern.

"No worries" I turn back around.

"You nervous?" He taps me. This lad is quite confident, I should try to be too.

"Yeah quite, I haven't had much time to practice either because I was on the last audition day" I say.

"Are you irish then?" he cottons on.

"Erm yeah" I reply, slightly embarrassed.

"Cool, I'm from Doncaster. My name's Louis"

"Niall" We shake hands.

"All boys aged 16-25 come this way" someone was shouting. I grab my bag and start to make my way out of the queue towards the man. I turn around expecting to see Louis behind me, but it's some blonde boy instead. Great, I make a friend and lose him within ten seconds. 

I spend most of the day on stage with boys near my own age doing various singing exercises and  learning some dance moves which we have to perform tomorrow. I can't dance and i don't see why we have to be able to either, i came to sing. Either way i do it and try not to attract too much attention. I haven't made any more friends then Louis earlier which i'm not to sad about, everyone seems to be focussing on their work- not making friends, which is right. 

"How was it Niall?" my mom says as i open the hotel room's door. 

"fun but hard work."

"Just get an early night, tomorrow will be harder" Washed and in bed, I check my phone. 

'How did it go? How was judges?' Greg's put.

'Hard, but so good. will be so gutted if I go out tomorrow. Didn't really get to speak to anyone and the judges weren't there. Didn't see that girl either'    I lock my phone and put my head on the pillow. No sign of the girl today, maybe i'll see her tomorrow. What will i be thinking this time tomorrow? Will I be planning what to sing at judge's houses or planning how to break the news at school...   

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