One Direction Jr.

they come on stage darcy styles, lindsay horan, alex payne, dani mailk, and maradith Tomlinson. they start sing what makes you beautiful. this story is about one direction kids who from oldest to youngest are: maradith, dani, alex, Lindsay, then darcy the 5 girls went on the x-factor and became famous. this is they're story.


1. meet our family

darcy- harry and Katie's kid

maradith- Louis and gracie's kid

alex- liam and Danielle's kid

Lindsay- niall and Jessica's kid

dani- zayn and perrie's kid

zayn mailk - 1D

niall horan- 1D

harry styles- 1D

Liam payne- 1D

Louis Tomlinson- 1D

Katie- Larry's wife

Gracie- Louis's wife

Danielle- Liam's wife

Jessica- Niall's wife

Perrie- Zayn's wife

hunter- maradith's boyfriend

Jordan- dani's boyfriend

sam- alex's boyfriend

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