Teenage Cake

Annalynne goes to an all-girls high school where she's surrounded by snobby girls who think "good-looking" is a quality to put on a resume. A chance encounter with a boy at a party leads Annalynne to a coming-of-age experience.


1. Vanilla Buttercream






      Annalynne got to her first period chemistry class and took her usual seat near the window.

The two girls in front of her paged through a Victoria’s Secret catalog, totally immersed in it. “I want that one. It’s so cute,” one girl murmured. Annalynne recognized the catalog. The same one had come in the mail for her mom a few days ago.

      “Which bra are you looking at?” Annalynne leaned forward, trying to see.

      The two girls yanked their heads up to glare at her, confused and annoyed, expressions like they smelled shit. “Not bras. Noses!” one corrected in an irritated voice. The girls returned to their catalog, earnestly ignoring her.

      “So!” Annalynne heard one whisper eagerly to the other, “whose boobs do you want?”

      Going to high school with all girls was sort of a nightmare. Most of the girls were bitches, and the uniforms weren’t even cute. Annalynne wasn’t allowed to go to the local public school. Wasn’t good enough for her. Her parents had paid for her to go to an all-girl private school in the suburbs where she was expected to learn a certain attitude of cultural snobbishness that one took toward life, and to other people in society.

      Annalynne sighed and looked around to see who else was in class. Chemistry was the one period she didn’t share with Joanna, and therefore the most difficult of the day. To her right, she overheard Christine loudly talking to that shy little Chinese girl.

      “…People say it’s just because I’m really good-looking.” Christine showed the Chinese girl a picture on her phone. “That’s my boyfriend. He’s a model. You know the show The City? Have you ever seen it? The reality show on MTV, The City? The spin-off of The Hills? Yeah, my boyfriend was on that show. He’s a model.”

      She waited for the Chinese girl’s eyes to widen, impressed. Christine triumphantly continued, “When we walk down the street together, people just stare at us, that’s how good-looking we are. I think because he’s a model, people tend to get really jealous of us a lot of the time. They just naturally want to be around us because we’re good-looking.” Christine smirked. “He’s doing a photoshoot in New York right now, but he’ll be here in a few days. You’ll meet him at Angela’s party.”

      Annalynne rolled her eyes but Christine didn’t notice. Christine was the sort of girl who thought “good-looking” was a quality to put on a resume. She also called everything “amazing” even when things were actually not amazing at all, because she was too stupid to think of better adjectives.

      Angela’s party was Friday. No one ever missed Angela’s parties, primarily because she had three older brothers and all their friends were always there. No one at an all-girl high school ever missed a party with boys.

      Just then, the teacher came in and called for class to start. As usual, Annalynne was relieved.





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