I Want, Gets.

Tia has always been different, but she's never quite known why. She has never been without what she wanted; she's the center of attention at school, at home... everywhere.

And something's not right...

-BM at the and of a chapter name means 'By Mirlotta', BH at the end of one means 'By Hellohihi', and BB means 'By Both'.


1. Memories (BH)

My first memory was as a preschooler, when I told my teacher that I wanted to live in a castle like the princess in 'The Princess and the Frog' which she was reading.  When I went back to where my old home had been, I was delighted to find an enormous pink castle with huge, towering turrets that seemed to reach up above the clouds had replaced the old house.  Since then, I've got all I ever wanted, at a thought.

Like in the cafeteria in year 2, when I wanted all my food to be free, and for us all to have pizza.

Or that day in year 5, when I wanted the supply teacher to just shut up, and he instantaneously lost his voice and went home.

Also, that time in year 7, my fist day in high school in fact, when we were all crushed together like sardines in a tin, and at my command the space contracted and we were all free to move again.

Then that bully in year 8, when he laughed at me for being short and ugly, and the next day he asked me out when i was tall, and pretty.  I said no, of course.  

As well as many of those times in between, and in year 9, and the start of this year.  year 10, that is.


I've always got exactly what I wanted.

Why didn't everyone else get what they desired?

Why am I so different?

What's wrong with me?


My name?


Tia, Tia Faye Swans.

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