Post Office Pal ( Zayn fanfic)

I see him everyday, with that slick black hair in a quiff and his beautiful hazel eyes. He's always running in and out the same time i Do, everday. He always gives me that small smile that sends my heart flying through my chest. Someday I'll get the courage to face him, to say hi and introduce myself. I kniw his name though, its on his mailbox. Zayn Malik, my post office pal


1. chapter 1

I park my car quickly, in my usual spot on the curb. I pull the keys out of the ignition and place them in purse, as I do everyday. I grab my puse, lift it onto my shoulder and step out of the car, locking it behind me. Just as I start my walk uo the steps, so does he. This happens everyday, we have the same pace and we walk in at the same time. I walk to my mailbox, he walks to his, our arms brush as the slots are side by side. The second after our touch he turns, gives me that small smile and turns on his heels, and walks out the door, his mail in hand. I take my mail sowly, still in shock from that mesmerizing smile, and close the slot, amd walking back down the steps. Once I walk out the door, I see his car back uo and pulk out onto the road, driving away at a quick pace. This is our routine. The boy is beautiful, his smile, his eyes, hair, face stuctre, his toned and lean body. The only thing I knoe about him, is his name. Zayn Malik. He only knows mine, if he's ever paid attention to look, Annabel Moore. I walk to the car, get in and drive home slowly, my thoughts still on him. I get home and I kick my heels off. And lay in bed, fling asleep dreaminf about him, is he thinking of me too?
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