You Got What I Need

My life isn't the best, my parents are rude and make me babysit while they go out. It's not my job to babysit. The thing that makes my life special is my two best friends Alex and Austin.


1. Hanging Out

[Jessica's  POV]


Austin turns his music down which stops Alex from lip syncing to Justin Bieber, "Guys! Let's go to the fair tomorrow?" He says.

"Yeah, sounds fun!" Alex says.

"Sure!" I say.

"Jess, you sure that your parents are cool with that?" Austin asks.

"Oh yeah!" I lie.

"Cool! Now, what time?" Alex asks.

"Probably eight?" Austin says.

"That works!" I say smiling.

"Great! Now where were we?" Austin questions.

"Alex was gonna lip sync to Justin Bieber..." I say.

"Right." Austin turns his music up again.

Austin's mom walksin, "Jessica?"

"Yeah?" I say confused.

"Your moms here." She says.

I sigh, "Okay, bye Austin." I give him a hug. "See ya later Alex." I give him a hug too.

"Bye!" Alex says.

"Don't forget tomarrow at eight be there!" Austin says before I walk out.

[Austin's POV]

"Whoa! First time that she's ever hugged me! You think that means something?" Alex says fast.

"Oh, she might." I laugh. "You really like her?" I ask.

"Oh yeah!" He says.

"Well, I'll ask her if she likes you, okay?" I respond.

"Great!" He says smiling like an idiot.

I can't even believe that he likes Jessica! Like no, I like her...

"Anyways, I could tell that Jess was lying about being able to go like her parents go out a lot so she might have to babysit the kids..." I say.

"Kids? Thought she had no siblings..." Alex says.

"Well, her parents babysit but then go out and make Jess watch them and they'll get back just in time to move it look like they never left when the people pick up the kids." I explain. "She watches about three, one is five years old and twins who are six."

"Wow, her parents seem rude." He says.

"They are now. They used to be so nice and stuff. They think I'm a bad influence on her... Like whatever. They've know me since I was born."

"Wow so like I've never heard her talk bout her parents and I've known her for like two or three years..." He says.

"She don't like talking about them." I say.

"But ya know they raised a beautiful and sweet daughter." He says smiling.

She IS beautiful, she has long brown hair and sparkling green eyes. Her hair is like kinda wavy unless she flat irons it. She's got tons of freckles on her face and she's got like perfect lips, I've never seen them chapped. She loves to wear booty shorts and a t-shirt with some shoes, Nike's, Jordan's, DC's, and Supra's is normally what she wears. She hates wearing heals and jewelry, unless it's a neck less from someone special. She's like really short, maybe a good five to six inches shorter than me and Alex. And she IS sweet like pie.

"Yeah." I agree.

"Did you hear her say that she's getting new colors for her braces?" He asks.

Forgot to say that me and Jessica have braces but Alex doesn't, "didn't know."

"Oh well, she told me that." He says smirking.

"Shut up and instead of lip syncing, let 's dance!" I say standing up and turning up the music really loud I think people in China could here it.

We both start dancing.


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