The Room Mate (NOT FAMOUS)

I am in college with one of my awesome friends but when we got to the school they gave me and my friend a different room number. When I got to my room I did not have a room mate so I went online and said That I have a room opened. I got a reply and they said that they wanted to room with me but they wanted to met me. They came.......... Then...... Something happened..... Read to find out what happens.


1. The Bullys and The Room Mate

*1 Week*

 "How are your classes?" My best friend Cali asked.

 "Good. You have a room mate yet?"

 "Nope what about ?"

 "No. Since Classes are done for me until Tuesday sincie it is memorial Weekend. I am going to go to that one website and tell everyone that I have a room opened."

 "Oh, cool."

 "Yah. How many more classes do you have left?"

 "I have a whole day. I have afternoon classes."

 "Oh I see I have morning classes."

 "Oh, okay."

 "Yah. I better get going classes start in about 10 minutes."

 "Okay Bye Cali."

 "Bye." I walked all the way to my room and once I got to my room those girls who think they are all that came by.

"Look what we have here." One said.

"Yah. The Slut that came into this school."

"Leave me alone."

 "Aw. Is she going to cry." I was trying to get my key out so I could get into my room. Then they grabbed my bag.

 "Give me that back."


 "Give me it."

"Why should I...."

"Cause it is mine not yours."

"Well, to bad." She dropped it over the side of the railling and into the Swimming pool. Yah, my room is never a swimming pool. I hate these girls so much.

 "See you later Slut." Then they left. Wonderful.

I walked down to the pool and grabbed the net. I scooped up my stuff. Once I got it out of the pool I turned around and then...........

 "Hey there Bitch."

 Then I was pushed into the pool. I wish I learned how to swim. I saw them run away and I was left there to die. Well, drown at least.

"Help. Help!" I yelled hoping someone would find me before it was to late. I started to sink and thought I was going to die. *No body's POV*

 Lacy was drowning. She was sure that she was going to die. Then someone was walking by to get something. They saw Lacy drowning and they went over to the pool and jumped in. Lacy was floating to the bottom and they had grabbed her. Then brought her to the surface.

Lacy's POV

Am I dead........ What is going on........Why did this have to happen to me......

"Hey? Hello.... Are you okay?" I started to open my eyes. I saw someone. I could not make it out. I was a little bit scared of who it could be. I started to cough and coughed out some of the pool water. I was finally focusing and I jumpped back and started to crawl away.

"Hey Hey....." I had turned around and that person and I were face-to-face.

"I won't hurt you." I finally was focused and saw it was a boy. He had brown hair off to one side. He was wearing a blue shirt and black pants. He had Hazel eyes and he looked cute but I was not going to fall for anything. Not yet. I am just not ready.

"Are you okay?"

"I....I... I guess so." He looked into my eyes and I could tell he felt sorry for me. How could he feel this way? He only just saved me and he does not know what is going on and what is happening.

"Do you need help getting back to your room?"

"I think I got it."

"Are you sure? Also if you don't mind me asking who did this to you or what happened?"

" Maybe and there are these girls who bully me and they threw my backpack into the pool and I went to go and get it. I did and when I turned around they were staying right there and pushed me in. After they did that I wished I would have takin swimming lessons. Also Thanks for saving me."

"oh I see now. Also No Problem." We started to walk back up to my room.

"I didn't chatch your name."

"Oh, Sorry. I am Louis. Louis Tomlinson."

"Hi. I am Lacy Friend."

"Nice to met you Lacy."

"Same to you too." We finally got to my room.

"Well, this is my room."

"524. That is cool."

"Yah. One of my two favorite numbers."

"It is?"

"Yah, 5 and 24. Just 24 is my first favorite."

"oh, that is cool."

"Yah. Well, I will see you around then?"

"Yah. I will see you around."

"Bye Louis."

"Bye Lacy." I walked into my room. I sat down on the couch and grabbed my computer. I went on to the wesite and typed in room avaliable for as long as you want. Room 524. Call- 614-***-*** My name is Lacy. Call if you need anything. Then I shut my laptop and put in the movie Dear John. It was an awesome movie and everytime I cry on that one part where the son John is reading this letter to his dad who is dieing and the doctors left him in the hallway. It was really really good. Towards the end I had gotten a call and it was a random number. I assume that it might be someone who wants to room with me.


"Is this Lacy....." I was a weird voice.


"Good. Can I room with you. I need a room and saw yuor post."

"Yah. You can. When would you like to come?"

"How about in about 4 hours?"


"Okay. Thanks."

"Yep. Bye."


Awesome I have a room mate now. I am so excited to met them. I went around the place and made sure that the place looked nice for my new room mate since my last room mate left since she was done with college. This is my second year and I hate it. First of all of the bullying and second it sucks that I barly get to hang with Cali.

*4 hours later*

It has been 4 hours and the whole place looked nice. I was making dinner when the door bell ran. I went and awnsered it.

"Hello........... LOUIS?!??!"


"So you are my room mate."

"I guess so." He said and smiled at me and I returned it.

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