Zayn or Zain?

Zayn or Zain is a short story about Zayn Malik who is a great big pop star in the world who comes across a girl name Kim who which he is a jerk to at first. Kim is a huge fan of One Direction and while attending their concert, Zayn(Zay-n) later falls in love with her, but in order to keep his relationship with her, he gives himself a makeover and makes his changes his name Zain(Zane), which leads Kim to soon later meet Zain and fall in love with him. She tells him that he looks just like Zayn and Zain denies it and tries to play it cool. But what happens when Kim attends the concert and meets Zayn backstage? Will the real Zayn come out and tell him that it's been him or will he keep it a secret from the press? Will he act like he knows her or will he act like he doesn't know her? Also, read on and sees what happens when Kim discovers that her boyfriend is One Direction's own Zayn Malik !


1. 1.1

Kim: *barges into the room* 

Paul: Hey! *grabs kim* 

Kim: Zayn! I love you! *trying to break from paul* 

Paul: *carries kim out of the room* You need to wait in line with the rest of the fans! 

Kim: *tries to run through the door again* 

Paul: *grabs kim again* I'm gonna escort you out if you don't listen! 

Kim: Let go of me!  

Paul: *let's go of kim* 

Zayn: Who the hell was that? 

Paul: Crazy fan. 

Zayn: *annoyed* She was rude to barge in. 

Savan: Alright, we're ready for you guys to get on stage, are you guys ready? 

Niall: Yeah, I think we're all ready. 

Liam: I'm ready. 

Louis: Alright, let's do this. 

1D: *performs* 

Kim: *screams* Zayn! Zayn! 

Zayn: *singing and gets annoyed* 

Liam: *singing and looks at zayn* 

Zayn: *turns away to the other crowd* 

1D: *finishes performing* 

Harry: Thank you LA for coming out to see us and supporting us! 

Niall: We love you! 

Zayn: Thank you L... 

Kim: *screaming* Zayn! 

Zayn: Thank you LA for having us here to perform! We love you and please, please keep supporting us.  

Louis: We need you LA! 

Paul: Next! 

Kim: *runs in* Zayn! I love you Zayn! 

Zayn: *annoyed* Look, I'm glad you're a huge fan of me, but I don't like how you keep screaming at me and just barging in, that's really disrespectful of you. What's your name? 

Kim: *cries* Kim, Kim Russell, I'm so sorry for doing that, I just, I love you! 

Zayn: *annoyed/calls for paul* 

Paul: Alright, let's go. *takes kim out of the building* 

Kim: Zayn! 

(2 Months Later) 

Kim: *walks and bumps into zayn* Oh, I'm so... Zayn? 

Zayn: *smiles* Hi. 

Kim: Can I have your autograpgh? I, I mean... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to run into you. 

Zayn: *laughs* It's ok and yeah, you can have my autograph. What's your name? 

Kim: Kim, Kim Russell. 

Zayn: Kim Russell? *remembers* Oh, you. I remember you. You were that crazy fan at the concert two months ago. 

Kim: Yes! Her, yeah, I know I'm a huge fan of yours, but that day I don't know what happened. *chuckles* 

Zayn: *smiles and signs an autograph for kim* 

Kim: Is it too much to ask if I also ask for a picture too? 

Zayn: No, not at all. *smiles and takes a picture with kim* 

Kim: I'm sorry I would love to stay and chat with you, but I have to get to school. 

Zayn: What school do you go to? 

Kim: East LA University. 

Zayn: *ponders* Ok. *smiles* See you around.  

Kim: *smiles and walks off* 

Zayn: *leaves* 

Niall: What are you doing? 

Zayn: I'm going back to school guys. 

Liam: What?! Where? 

Zayn: East LA Univerisity. 

Harry: Why? 

Zayn: I know someone from there.  

Louis: Like who? 

Zayn: Kim Russell. 

Louis: That annoying girl? 

Zayn: She's actually cute guys. 

Liam: I support you then Zayn. 

Zayn: Guys, it's gonna be Zain now, pronounce Zane. 

Niall: Ok Zain. 

Zayn: *smiles* See ya. *walks out the house* 

Mr. Derrick: *smiles* Hi, how may I help you? 

Zain: Hi, I'm want to register into this school. 

Mr. Derrick: Ok, what is your name?  

Zayn: *laughs* I'm Zayn Malik from One Direction, but I want a private life. *explains to mr. derrick*  

Mr. Derrick: Ok, what do you want your name to be? 

Zain: Zain, pronounce Zane. 

Mr. Derrick: Zain what? 

Zayn: Zain Malik. 

Mr. Derrick: Ok, well just sign your name here and I'll register you in. 

Zain: *signs the paper* Ok. 

Kim: *walking* 

Zain: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: Hi? Do I know you? 

Zain: I'm Zain. 

Kim: Zain? Or Zayn? 

Zain: *fakes a chuckle* Yeah, a lot of people tell me I look like Zayn from One Direction. 

Kim: *chuckles* Yeah you do, you can pass as him. 

Zain: *chuckles* Yeah, I know. Have you ever met him before? 

Kim: I did, he's incredibly handsome, has a cute smile, beautiful eyes, and he's just perfect. *smiles* 

Zain: *chuckles* 

Kim: I mean, you. You look like him and your smile is almost just like his. Not to mention you voice also. 

Zain: *coughs* Oh? *chuckles* Yeah, we could be related, who knows. 

Kim: Yeah, who right? *laughs* I'm Kim. 

Zain: Zain. 

Kim: Where were you headed before running into me? 

Zain: Um, I was hoping you can help find my classes with me. 

Kim: I have an hour, of course I can help you. *smiles* 

Zain: Thank you, um, here. *hands his schedule to kim* 

Kim: *looks at it and laughs* We have three of the same classes. 

Zain: Do we? *laughs* That's funny. 

Kim: *smiles and then chuckles* You didn't happen to copy my schedule right? 

Zain: No, I don't even know you. 

Kim: I thought so. Well, you can look around or you can hang out with me until class starts. 

Zain: Can I stay with you? 

Kim: Stay? 

Zain: I meant like you know hang out with you. 

Kim: Oh, yeah of course you can. *smiles* 

Zain: So, what do you want to do? 

Kim: Well, I have to study. *chuckles* I'm really into school, sorry. 

Zain: Oh? Well, I am too. *smiles* 

Kim: Really? I don't mean to judge or anything, you look more like a I don't give a crap guy. 

Zain: Oh? Oh. *fakes a chuckle* I can be both. *smiles* 

Kim: Is that your natural hair color? 

Zain: Yeah, yeah, it is, do you like it? 

Kim: It's nice, that color really suits you. 

Zain: Well thank you. 

Kim: *looks at her watch* I have to go to the library to check out something, did you want to come or? 

Zain: I think I'll just stay here until you come back. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, well I'll be back in 30 minutes. 

Zain: I'll be here, but don't forget to come back for me. 

Kim: *smiles* I won't. *walks off* 

Zayn: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hello? 

Zayn: Louis, it's me. 

Louis: Oh. *laughs* How's college? 

Zayn: So far it's good, I found the girl 

Louis: You found her? 

Zayn: Yes, she's going to the library right now, but she's gonna meet me again in 30 minutes. 

Louis: So are you gonna ask her out? Introduce us to her? 

Zayn: She doesn't know it's me. 

Louis: How? 

Zayn: Uh Louis, I dyed my hair and fixed it, plus I changed my name. 

Louis: What is it? Zayne? 

Zayn: It's Zain, pronounce Zane. 

Louis: Oh, so no more Zayn, pronounce Zay-n.  

Zayn: It's only for school, the staffs know about me being here. I'm not really required to be here if I don't want to. 

Louis: Can we come hang out with you? 

Zayn: Louis! I'm undercover here. 

Louis: Right, well we have to get to rehearsals, are you gonna come? 

Zayn: I'm at school. 

Louis: I'll tell Savan then.  

Zayn: Alright, bye. 

Louis: Bye. 

Liam: Who was that? 

Louis: Zain. 

Liam: Who? 

Louis: Zayn! 

Niall: Why'd you say Zain then? 

Louis: Because that's his stage name at school. 

Harry: *laughs* Well that's interesting. 

Louis: Yeah, I know. 

Kim: Hey. 

Zain: Oh hey Kim. 

Kim: Ready for class? 

Zain: Yeah I am. 

Kim: Ok, let's go. *walks into class* 

Savan: He's what? 

Louis: Yeah, he's in college. *smiles* 

Savan: Why? 

Louis: I don't know, he's chasing after this girl or something. 

Liam: He really likes her. 

Savan: Interesting story guys. 

Zayn: *running* Sorry I'm late guys. *takes off his glasses and drops down his bag* 

Savan: Who are you? 

Zayn: *chuckles* It's me. 

Savan: Why'd you dye your hair? 

Zayn: *messes up his hair* It's spray on. It's ok. Let's just get started. 

Savan: Your eyes. 

Zayn: Contacts. *takes them off and puts them in his bags* 

Savan: Blue eye contacts? 

Zayn: Yeah? It's nothing, let's start now. 

Liam: *laughs and starts off* 

Harry: So how was it? 

Zayn: It was great, I mean I have homework already. 

Harry: Already? 

Louis: That's the college life Zain. 

Zayn: Louis, please! 

Liam: Why that name? 

Zayn: I don't know. 

Niall: So did people figure you out? 

Zayn: Nope. 

Louis: I want to go to college. *smiles* 

Zayn: You can't, you can't blow it for me Louis. 

Louis: I'm just kidding Zayn. 

Zayn: I have to do my homework. *walks off to his room* 

Kim: *calls zain* 

Zayn: Hello? 

Kim: Hey Zain. 

Zayn: Oh! Hey Kim. *gets up and closes his door* What's up? 

Kim: Nothing, I was just calling to ask if you're doing anything. 

Zain: No, I'm not at all, why? 

Kim: Can I come over? 

Zain: Come over? Um, I'm actually doing my homework right now. 

Kim: Oh? Well, it's not due until 2 weeks. 

Zain: Yeah, but I like to finish it early. 

Kim: *chuckles* Ok, how about you come over to my place then? 

Zain: Yeah, I'll come there. *makes a big relief* 

Harry: *opens the door* Zayn, are you... 

Zain: *runs and covers harrys mouth* 

Kim: Who was that? 

Zain: It was just my brother. 

Harry: *moves zayns hand* Who's that? 

Zain: I'll come over right now, text me your address. *hangs up* Harry! 

Harry: What? *chuckles* 

Zayn: Can you knock next time please. 

Harry: Sorry, I was just asking if you were hungry. 

Zayn: No, I'm not, I'm gonna go over to Kim's. 

Harry: Oh. 

Zayn: No, not like that. She just wants us to get to know eachother more. 

Harry: Exactly.  

Zayn: I'll see you guys later. *leaves* 

Liam: Where'd he go? 

Harry: Kim's house. 

Liam: Oh. 

Zayn: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door and smiles* Hi Zain. 

Zain: Hi Kim. 

Kim: Come inside. 

Zain: *looks around*  

Kim: Sit down. 

Zain: *sits down* So, what did you want to talk about? 

Kim: Nothing, I just, I just wanted to get to know you some more. *sits next to zain* Weren't your eyes blue earlier? 

Zain: *remembers* Oh, yeah. *chuckles* I'm wearing contacts. *fakes a smile* 

Kim: You know you really look like Zayn from One Direction. 

Zain: Yeah, with these contacts, yeah I know. *laughs* 

Kim: What's your last name? 

Zain: Um, if I tell you promise me you won't freak out. 

Kim: Is it Malik? 

Zain: Yeah. 

Kim: But you're not Zayn Malik though right? 

Zain: No, we're actually cousins, first cousins. 

Kim: That is interesting, but I looked him up and he doesn't have a cousin name Zain Malik. 

Zain: *laughs* Kinda personal don't you think? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm, I'm sorry, but are you hungry? I made some dinner. 

Zain: No, I'm not hungry at all. *looks at his phone* I, I have to go, my mom just texted me. 

Kim: Your mom? Oh ok, well I'll see you tomorrow then? 

Zain: Yeah, of course. *smiles* 

Kim: Ok. 

Zain: *hugs kim and leaves* 

Liam: You what! How could you forget your contacts? 

Zayn: I don't know, Harry, why didn't you tell me? 

Harry: I forgot you even had them on earlier. 

Zayn: What'd you guys eat. 

Liam: We saved you a plate, Niall's still eating. 

Niall: *walks into the livingroom* No I'm not, I'm done. 

Zayn: Well I'm gonna go eat. 

Serena: Hey honey. 

Kim: Oh hey mom. 

Serena: What are you doing? 

Kim: I'm working on my homework, did you need something? 

Serena: I saw a guy leave our house earlier, who was he? 

Kim: His name is Zain. 

Serena: That's who he looked like. 

Kim: *chuckles* Mom, it's not him, he's just a look a like. 

Serena: Are you sure? 

Kim: Yeah, why? *chuckles* 

Serena: Nothing, ok finish your homework and get to bed ok. 

Kim: Ok mom. 

Zain: Kim! 

Kim: *turns around* Oh hey Zain. 

Zain: *smiles* I'm really sorry about last night. 

Kim: Oh no, it's ok. I totally understand. *smiles* 

Zain: Um, look, I know this is too soon or way to fast, but... do you want to be my girlfriend? 

Kim: *chuckles* Excuse me? 

Zain: I really like you Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Zain, this is crazy, I don't even know you. 

Zain: Well we can start, c'mon just be my girlfriend. 

Kim: I don't know. *crosses her arms confused* 

Zain: Or you don't want to because I'm bad looking? 

Kim: No, no, you're not bad looking at all Zain, it's just that... I don't know you. 

Zain: Like I said, we can get together and get to know eachother at the same time. 

Kim: *smiles shy* Yeah, I guess we can do that too. 

Zain: *pulls kim and hugs her* 

Kim: *uncomfortable* 

Zain: So what do you want to do today or tonight? 

Kim: Um, I have homework. 

Zain: Like you said to me yesterday, it's not due until 2 weeks. 

Kim: My math homework is due tomorrow. 

Zain: Oh? I'm sorry, well how about we go out tomorrow? 

Kim: I have to study for a test tomorrow too. 

Zain: Ok, whenever you're available? 

Kim: Yeah that's fine too. *smiles* 

Zain: Ok, I'm gonna go to class then. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Zain: Bye? 

Kim: Bye. 

Zain: *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *smiles confused* What just happened? 

Louis: You what?! 

Zayn: Yeah, we're dating. 

Liam: That's crazy Zayn. 

Zayn: She's a nice girl. 

Louis: You didn't seem to like her a few months ago. 

Zayn: It's because she was annoying, but I got to know her a little and she's a very nice and sweet girl. I like her guys, I really do. 

Liam: We didn't tell you to break up with her. 

Harry: Just be careful Zayn. 

Zayn: Guys, I'm dating her as Zain, not me. 

Liam: Things can leak out and when it does, you probably wouldn't want to be in it. 

Zayn: Zayn is not, Zain is. 

Harry: Whatever you say Zayn. 

Zayn: Guys! C'mon. 

Niall: So did you kiss her already? 

Zayn: No, but I will. 

Niall: When do we get to meet her? 

Zayn: You guys aren't. 

Louis: What? 

Zayn: It'll all be over for me if you guys get involve. 

Liam: That's true; we should let Zayn live a normal life for once. 

Zayn: Thank you Liam. 

Liam: But it doesn't mean you forget about us. 

Zayn: Liam. 

Liam: Who knows what can happen. 

Louis: What happens if she falls hard for you or you get her pregnant? Are just gonna leave her or marry her and live two lives? 

Zayn: *silent* 

Niall: How did you even fall for this girl? 

Zayn: I mean, at first she was annoying, but she was also pretty. 

Harry: She was pretty. 

Kim: *calls zain* 

Zayn: She's calling. *picks up his phone* Hello? 

Kim: Hi Zain, I was just wondering if you're doing anything. 

Zain: No, I'm not. I thought you had math homework? 

Kim: Yeah, but I finished it. 

Zain: Oh ok, did you want me to come over? I can come over and spend some time with you? 

Kim: Yeah, would you like to come over? My mom would like to meet you. 

Zain: You're mom?! Oh, yeah, yeah, I'll come over right now. *chuckles and looks at the boys* 

Kim: Ok, I'll see you in a bit then. 

Zain: Ok. *smiles and hangs up* I have to go and meet her mom. 

Louis: Getting married already? 

Zayn: No, it's just meeting. 

Harry: Don't forget your contacts. 

Zayn: Yes, I know. *puts on his contacts and fixes his hair* 

Louis: Huh. *laughs* Interesting. 

Zayn: I'll be back in a bit. *leaves* 

Serena: *opens the door* Hi Zain. 

Zain: *smiles* Hi, is Kim home? 

Serena: Yes, come in please. 

Zain: *walks in the house* 

Serena: Kim's cooking in the kitchen. 

Zain: Thank you. *walks into the kitchen* 

Kim: Hey Zain. 

Zain: Hey. *smiles* What are you making? 

Kim: I'm made dinner for us, I hope you can join have dinner with my mom and I. 

Zain: Yeah of course. *smiles* 

Kim: My dad should be home soon, he'll join us later though. 

Zain: You're dad? Oh is he at work? 

Kim: Yes, my dad's a social worker. 

Zain: Nice. 

Kim: Yeah. *chuckles*  

Serena: *walks into the kitchen* Honey, is the food done yet? 

Kim: *setting the food down* Yes, you're just in time mom, come eat. *looks at zain* Join us Zain. 

Zain: *sits down* 

Kim: *sits across from zain* 

Zain: *uncomfortable* So, did you have any trouble with your math homework? 

Kim: *eating* No, not at all. Piece of cake actually. 

Zain: *chuckles* 

Matt: *opens the door* Honey, there's a black car parked *walks into the kitchen* in our driveway, hi? 

Zain: Hi, I'm sorry is my car in the way? 

Matt: No, not at all, but I did park behind it though. 

Zain: I'm Zain. 

Matt: Zain? 

Zain: Yes. 

Kim: Dad, this is my boyfriend Zain. 

Matt: Boyfriend? 

Zain: Yes. 

Matt: Are you that guy from that boy band? 

Zain: *laugh* No, but I do get that a lot.  

Matt: Do people ask for your autograph? Or ask for pictures? 

Zain: Um, yeah they do, but I don't do them because I'm not him. 

Matt: What do you do then? 

Kim: Dad. *chuckles* 

Zain: It's ok, I just tell him I'm just a look alike and some moves on and some still ask for it. 

Kim: Dad, can you go change and join us for dinner please. 

Matt: Yes honey, I'll be back down. *leaves* 

Serena: Please help yourself with more food Zain. *smiles and gets up* 

Matt: Hey honey. *kisses serenas cheek* 

Serena: How was work? 

Matt: It was great. *smiles and goes sit down* So Zain. 

Zain: Yeah? *looks at matt* 

Matt: How'd you meet my daughter? 

Zain: I met her... 

Kim: School dad, where else? 

Zain: *chuckles* I was looking around campus and just happened to run into her, luckily we had three classes together so it was good to know her more. 

Matt: How long you two been dating? *eating* 

Zain: Um... 

Kim: Dad, we just got together today. 

Matt: And friends? 

Zain: A week? *looks at kim* 

Kim: Dad, Zain and I are getting to know eachother as we are dating. 

Matt: Why not get to know eachother first and then date? 

Kim: We're already dating dad. 

Matt: I know, but it's not too late to break up, I mean you two just got together today right?  

Zain: Yes. 

Matt: Ok then. 

Kim: Ok what? *chuckles* 

Serena: I think they're fine getting to know eachother while dating. 

Kim: Thank you mom. 

Liam: Is he not back yet? 

Niall: No. 

Liam: We have rehearsals tomorrow morning, he needs come home and sleep or he'll be exhausted. 

Niall: I'll call him. 

Zain: Yeah, um, we actually are working on a project together or English and *phone rings* Sorry. *grabs his phone and sees nialls name* Excuse me for a minute please. *gets up and leaves* Hello? 

Niall: Are you coming yet? 

Zayn: Niall, you can't interrupt me like this. I'm in a middle of a conversation with her dad. 

Niall: Oh, I'm sorry. Liam just wanted you to come get some rest because we have... 

Zayn: Yeah, I'll be home in a bit tell him that, bye, I gotta go. *hangs up* 

Niall: Ok. *hangs up* He said he'll be come in a bit; hew as in the middle of a conversation with her father. 

Zain: Sorry, it was my mom. 

Matt: You have to go? 

Zain: No, not really, she just asked when I was going home. 

Matt: Well, we don't want her to worry. 

Zain: Oh, ok. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* I'll see you tomorrow. 

Matt: Why don't you walk him outside honey? 

Kim: Ok.  

Zain: *walks off first* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you for coming out tonight and spending time with me and my family. 

Zain: *smiles* It was fun, I had a great time. I really like your parents, and you. *smiles and stares at kim* 

Kim: *bites her lips*  

Zain: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *moves back* 

Zain: *smiles/chuckles* I'll see you tomorrow. 

Kim: *smiles shy* Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. 

Zain: Bye. 

Kim: *smiling* Bye. 

Zain: Oh, can you tell your dad to move his car? It's in my way. 

Kim: Oh, yeah, sorry about that. I'll move it. *goes into the house* Dad where's your keys? 

Matt: Why? 

Kim: You parked behind his car. 

Matt: Oh that's right. *gives kim the keys* Here. 

Kim: *moves matts car* 

Zain: *smiles* I'll see you tomorrow. 

Kim: Ok, bye. *smiles* 

Zain: *leaves* 

Kim: *walks back into the house* 

Zayn: *opens the door* Niall! Liam! 

Harry: What's going on? 

Zayn: Where's Liam and Niall? 

Harry: Upstairs probably? 

Zayn: *runs upstairs and barges in the room* 

Liam: Zayn. 

Zayn: Why would you call me Niall?! 

Niall: I didn't mean... 

Liam: I told him to, I'm sorry. It's just it was getting late and I didn't want you tired for tomorrow mornings rehearsal. 

Zayn: I was gonna come home, I know how and when to come home. I don't need you guys to be treating me like a kid ok. 

Niall: Zayn, we're not. 

Zayn: Then stop calling me and leave me alone! 

Liam: Ok, we're sorry Zayn. 

Zayn: *leaves to his room* 

Kim: Hey Zain. 

Zain: Oh, hey babe, about last night... 

Kim: No, it's ok. My parents really like you. 

Zain: Really? 

Kim: Not because you look like Zayn, but because you're a really honest and down to earth guy. *smiles* 

Zain: *chuckles* I like em too, I think I might love them more. 

Kim: Really? My dad, he would love to meet your parents someday. 

Zain: My parents!? 

Kim: Yeah, why? 

Zain: Um, nothing. 

Kim: Did you not want them to meet my parents? 

Zain: It's just that I didn't really tell my parents about you yet. 

Kim: Oh no need to rush it. *smiles* 

Zain: *chuckles* I would love for you to meet them, but maybe later on in the future. 

Kim: Yeah, that's totally fine. 

Zain: Yeah, should we get to class? 

Kim: Yeah, we should. 

Zain: *grabs kims and smiles* 

Kim: *smiles shy* 

Zain: *walks off holding kims hand* 

Mrs. Lopez: Don't forget to turn in your assignment tomorrow. 

Kim: *sitting in the car with zain* 

Zain: *turns on the radio* 

Radio guy: Ladies! One Direction is once again having a concert here in LA, tickets go on sale tonight at midnight, get your tickets before they are sold out! 

Kim: *screams* 

Zain: *looks at kim*  

Kim: I have to! Do you, do you want to go with me?! 

Zain: *fakes a chuckle* Yeah, I can go with you. 

Kim: That's only if I get the tickets, they do run out quick. I luckily got mine off some guy. 

Zain: Yeah? 

Kim: Yeah, it was amazing! It was front row and backstage passes! I really wish I can go again, it was amazing Zain! You and I should go together. 

Zain: Yeah, I would love to go. 

Kim: *smiles* I can't wait, I hope my dad gives me some money and I'll pay for the rest. 

Zain: Yeah? I can help pay too. 

Kim: No, I want to do something nice for you. 

Zain: No, I can actually. 

Kim: Ok, well thank you. *smiles* 

Zain: Alright, we'll we're here. 

Kim: It smells good already. *smiles* 

Zain: I love coming here to eat. Wait here, I'll be right back. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Zayn: George, I need a table for two. 

George: Who are you? 

Zayn: It's me Zayn, I'm just undercover. 

George: Alright. 

Zayn: C'mon babe. 

Kim: It's pretty expensive here. 

Zayn: Yeah, but I got a friend to help me. *smiles* 

George: Alright, right this way. 

Zayn: Thank you George. 

George: No problem. *leaves* 

Kim: *eating and looks at her phone* Oh my gosh, we have to go. 

Zain: Is it time already? 

Kim: Yeah, I have a history test to take. 

Zain: Alright, let's go. 

George: Thanks for coming. 

Zain: Thank you. *leaves* 

Kim: I'll call you tonight. 

Zain: I'll come by. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles and kisses zayn* 

Zain: Go before you miss it. 

Kim: Ok. *runs off* 

Zain: *takes off* 

Serena: How'd you do on the test? 

Kim: I did badly; I missed two questions. 

Serena: Aw, it's ok, that's still an A. 

Kim: Yeah, but still. 

Zain: *rings the doorbell* 

Serena: That must be him. 

Kim: *smiles and opens the door* 

Zain: *holding the tickets in his face* 

Kim: *looks and screams* Oh my gosh! *snatches the tickets from zain* 

Zain: Congrats, you're going, front row and backstage. 

Kim: *screaming* Thank you so much! *hugs zain* Oh my gosh. *laughs* But, why? 

Zain: I had to. 

Kim: How did you get them? They don't come on sale until another 4 hour. 

Zain: Surprise. *chuckles* 

Kim: *happy* Wow, thank you so much, I'll pay you back. 

Zain: No don't, I actually got them for free. 

Kim: Really? How? 

Zain: *looks away* 

Kim: Oh! Yeah, I forgot. *chuckles* Tell him I said thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Zain: I will, but um, I just came by to give those to you. I have to get back. 

Kim: Thank you Zain. *hugs him* 

Zain: I'll see you tomorrow. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Zain: *smiles and leaves* 

Serena: What is it? 

Kim: Mom! It's One Direction tickets, his cousin gave it to him for free. 

Serena: Really? Who's his cousin? 

Kim: Zayn mom. 

Serena: No wonder they look alike. 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles big* I'm so happy that I'm going. *screams and hugs serena* 

Louis: Wait, you gave her two front rows and two backstage passes? 

Zayn: Yeah. 

Louis: You're not even gonna be there, you're gonna be on stage. 

Zayn: Well she can bring a friend. 

Louis: How are you gonna react when you see her as Zayn? 

Zayn: It'll be ok, I'll play it cool or I don't know. 

Louis: Good luck, that's next week. *leaves* 

Kim: Hey. 

Zain: Oh hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Look, I'm really glad that you got me the tickets, but I shouldn't just had taken em. 

Zain: Why? 

Kim: I should have paid you. *takes out her wallet* Here's $375 for the tickets. 

Zain: No! Take it babe, I don't need that. I didn't even pay for them.  

Kim: Well, I'll never see Zayn in person, so can you give it to him? 

Zain: Just keep it babe, it's ok. 

Kim: He doesn't like me. 

Zain: What? Why do you say that? 

Kim: I mean, I was pretty annoying to him, he called Paul and... 

Zain: Yeah, I heard. *scratches his head* It won't be like that anymore. 

Kim: What? 

Zain: I mean, he understands now, you are my girlfriend. *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah, but you can give him back the backstage pass. 

Zain: No, go meet him again. You are meant to see them backstage. 

Kim: No, I don't because I know I'm just gonna over react again and make a fool of myself. 

Zain: Look, just take it Kim, it's ok really. 

Kim: Ok then I'll just give him the money backstage. 

Zain: No, don't do that, ok give it to me. I'll give it to him. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Zain: So what do you want to do today? 

Kim: Well *chuckles* semester's almost over, I gotta study for finals. 

Zain: Yeah, me too. There's something I need to tell you. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Zain: *serious* 

Kim: *stops smiling* What? 

Zain: I'm not coming back to next semester or the one after, matter of fact, I don't think I'm coming back period. 

Kim: Oh? Are you going somewhere? 

Zain: I am, my parents are moving out of the country and I have to go too. 

Kim: You're a grown man Zain, you can stay here if you want. Or if you want you can live with me and my parents. I'm sure they don't mind. 

Zain: *chuckles* No, I know I bought two tickets for the concert, but... 

Kim: I thought you said you didn't buy em? 

Zain: Uh, I mean, you know what I mean. 

Kim: Yeah? I guess. 

Zain: I can't go with you, I have to pack. 

Kim: You're leaving? 

Zain: Yeah, I mean not that day, but I have to pack everything and be ready to go. 

Kim: *hurt* Why? Why didn't you tell me before? Why did you let me fall in love with you and then leave me? 

Zain: I'm, I'm sorry Kim. I really, really liked you too, but I just don't think we should continue seeing eachother. 

Kim: *upset* Yeah, I think so too. *walks off* 

Zain: *upset at himself* Kim, no, wait! 

Kim: I have to go home, I feel like studying, I'll call you sometimes. 

Zain: Please don't ignore me. 

Kim: Zain, I really, really liked you. 

Zain: I know and I'm sorry it had to end like this. 

Kim: Bye Zain. *walks off* 

Zain: *sighs and walks off to class* 

Liam: This is it guys. 

Zayn: Yeah, this is it. 

Louis: What's wrong? 

Zayn: I kinda broked up with Kim... 

Harry: What?! 

Zayn: We're going home; I can't just... tell her that it's me. 

Louis: What'd you tell her? 

Zayn: That I'm moving out of the country. 

Niall: Zayn!? 

Zayn: I know, I know what you guys meant now. Thank you. 

Savan: Alright guys, this is it. 

Zayn: *walk out on stage and sees kim* 

Kim: *looking at zayn not so happy* 

Zayn: *feels bad* 

Harry: *starts singing* 

Liam: Thank you LA once again for having us here for one more night to perform for you guys. 

Louis: LA, you guys are the best fans in the world. 

Niall: We love you LA. 

Zayn: *fakes a smile* Thank you so much for coming out and supporting us, we love you and we appreciate everything you guys do for us. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *upset/not happy* 

Zayn: Thank you. *walks off stage* 

Paul: Next! 

Louis: There she is. 

Zayn: Shhh, hi. *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Look, I, I just want to thank you for giving me this backstage pass and front row ticket, I know I was pretty annoying when we first met, but *fakes a chuckles* we met again at the mall a few months ago and I kinda told you. 

Zayn: *chuckles* Yes I remember, aren't you dating my cousin? 

Paul: C'mon move it, next! 

Zayn: Paul, it's ok. 

Kim: *serious* No, we're not together anymore, he really hurt me and I don't want to talk or see him anymore. I'm moving on, college is important to me and I'm gonna focus on that. 

Zayn: *hurt* That's good. *fakes a smile* It was nice to meet you again for the third time. 

Kim: *smiles* You too Zayn. *walks off* 

Niall: *looks at zayn* 

Zayn: *wants to cry* Excuse me for a minute. *runs after kim* Kim! 

Kim: *turns around* Zayn? *chuckles* What are you? 

Zayn: Zain wants you to meet him tomorrow at the airport. 

Kim: Airport? He didn't tell me he was leaving so soon? 

Zayn: Yeah, I know, but it was a last minute thing. His parents left already today. 

Kim: *hurt* I. *cries* Thank you for telling me Zayn. 

Zayn: *hugs kim* 

Paul: Zayn! 

Zayn: I have to go. 

Kim: *really cries* Thank you Zayn. 

Zayn: *smiles and leaves* 

Paul: C'mon. 

Zayn: *walks back to the group* 

Kim: *walks inside the airport* 

Zain: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles sad* Hey. 

Zain: Um, sorry I didn't tell you, but I'm sure Zayn told you right? 

Kim: Yeah, he did. He gave me a hug that was really similar to yours. 

Zain: Oh? Well um, he said you weren't so jumpy like last time. 

Kim: No, look, I'm over Zayn, he's just a celebrity that I'll never get to be with. 

Zain: Don't say that. 

Kim: Are you seriously leaving right now. 

Zain: Yeah, I am. I don't want to, but I am. 

Kim: *upset* Why did you lie to me? 

Zain: About what? 

Kim: Wanting to be with me and the leaving me out of the blue. 

Zain: I'm really sorry Kim. 

Kim: Where are you going? 

Zain: London. 

Kim: Why there? 

Zain: Zayn's from there, my family are there. 

Kim: I didn't even get to meet your parents yet. 

Zain: You met Zayn. 

Kim: Yeah, I know, but that's not your parents. 

Zain: I'm sorry. 

Kim: When's your flight? I have a final to take in an hour and I need to get back. 

Zain: I'm going right now. 

Kim: *sighs* Well good luck. 

Zain: Thank you. 

Kim: *hugs zain*  

Zain: *hugs kim* I'll call you when I'm there. 

Kim: Yeah, call me. *smiles* 

Zain: *smiles* 

Kim: Bye. 

Zain: Bye.  

Kim: *walks off* 

Zain: *walks off* 

Niall: Well yeah, just check this out, we're gonna be going... 

Kim: Niall?! Liam! Oh my gosh. 

Liam: *smiles* Hi. *hugs kim* 

Zain: *changes himself quickly* 

Louis: Hi. It's so good to see you again, I think we're really meant to you know. *looking around for zayn* 

Zayn: *removes his contacts and messes up his hair* Ok, I think that's it. *leaves the restroom* 

Harry: Well, there's Zayn, we should get going now. 

Kim: *turns around* Zayn!? 

Zayn: *chuckles* Hi. 

Kim: I'm happy to see you again. 

Zayn: Yeah, I am too. *smiles and hugs kim* 

Louis: We're gonna go first. 

Zayn: Ok. 

Kim: Zain didn't tell me you guys were leaving too? 

Zayn: Yeah, I forgot to tell you, we're boarding the same plane. 

Kim: Really? I have to call him and tell him something. 

Zayn: What are you? No, don't call... 

Kim: *takes her phone and calls zain* 

Zayn: *phone rings* 

Kim: *looks at zayn* 

Zayn: *tries to put on a serious face* 

Kim: *looking at zayn* Zain? 

Zayn: *picks up his phone* Hi Kim, it's me Zain. 

Kim: *hangs up the phone* Zain was you all along? 

Zayn: Look, I couldn't do this anymore Kim. 

Kim: *hurt/cries silently* I really liked Zain. 

Zayn: I'm sorry Kim, I really liked you and I just had to go and be an undercover to be with you.  

Kim: *cries* How could you do this to me Zayn? 

Zayn: I didn't want the paparazzi's after you. I wanted you to have a normal life dating me. 

Kim: But as Zain right?  

Zayn: Kim, I didn't mean to take it that far. 

Kim: I always knew you were Zayn.  

Zayn: Really? 

Kim: Zayn has no cousin name Zain, Zain wasn't at the concert yesterday, and he's moving out of the blue? He won't be coming back to school? It all makes since to me now Zayn! 

Zayn: Wow, I can't believe this is happening right now. 

Kim: You just lost the biggest fan you'll ever have. *walks off* 

Zayn: *grabs kims arm* Don't. Let's start over. Hi, I'm Zayn Malik from One Direction.  

Kim: *cries* 

Zayn: *hugs kim* 

Kim: *lets out a loud cry* 

Paparazzi's: *takes photos of kim and zayn* 

Zayn: You were dating me all along Kim. *wipes kims tears* 

Kim: *smiles in tears* 

Zayn: Dreams do come true. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles in tears and hugs zayn* 

Zayn: *kisses him* 

Louis: Ok, we're gonna miss our flight Zain. 

Zayn: I'm coming. You gonna be ok? 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles in tears* 

Zayn: *kisses kims forehead* I love you Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* I love you too Zayn. 

Zayn: *smiles and leaves*

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