Never Forgetting You

Talia, Tallie to everyone but her best friend Harry Styles who calls her Tal, now has to move to America. She doesn`t want to go, but she does at the same time. She goes, for two years. When her dad gets transferred back to Holmes Chapel, she`s over the moon. All Tallie can think about is going to see her best friend again, she had talked to Harry, over text, and even watched him become THE Harry Styles, the flirt of One Direction. Harry only thought of Tallie, everyday. Now, Tallie didn`t tell Harry she was moving back, she wanted to keep it a surprise. What will Harry do? Will they fall for eachother? Or will they just be Best Friends?


1. I`m Moving?!

"Harold! Give me my phone back! My dad is calling me!"I yelled, at Harry. The curly haired butt has my phone again, dammit! Harry opened my phone.
"Hello? Hi! It`s Harry! Uhm, sure" Harry said, handing me my phone.
"Thank you, butthole!" I said, laughing. "Hi dad" I said.
"Hi sweetie! Uhm, I need you to come home and pack, now."He said. What?
"W-why?" I said, Harry was looking at me with a confused expression.
"I got transferred to New York, Tallie. Just come home, we are moving" Dad said, I couldn`t breath. I hung up the phone, my mouth wide open.
"Tal, what`s going on? Tell me!" Harry whined, I looked up at him. 
"I`m leaving Cheshire. Going to New York." I started to explain. "I`m moving!" I finished off.
"What ,no! You can`t! Tallie! You are my best friend, how are we gonna talk?" He whined, like a five year old. I laughed. 
"Don`t worry, we will make it work, promise" I said, linking my pinki in his. I can`t leave my best friend.
"Try not to have too much fun in America!"He said, lifting me up in the hair, me giggling as he spun me around. If you spent time with me and Harry you`d think we were dating but he`s my best friend. I will always remember him as my 15 year old Harry Styles, my best friend. 
"Try out for X Factor, for me?" I pleaded.
"Fine! Promise" He linked his pinki in mine. I left his house right after, to pack, and Harry thought he`d help. I wasn`t going to say no.

My house was almost empty. Boxes everywhere. I loved this house so much, i knew every detail! I pulled Harry to my room, which was the only furnishes room left. I grabbed some boxes and started to pack, dancing to music, which I did everything to. Harry was laughing at me, when I tripped over air.
"Are you going to help me?" I asked, annoyed.
"Yeah, yeah. Gimme a box" He demanded. I handed him a box, and he went straight to my bras and panties.I took him away from that, and made him do the other clothes. "But I was helping with those!"He chuckled. I smacked him in the back of the head.

By the time we were done, my room looked like no one had even lived here. I was crying. I didn`t ever think we would be moving, until I was out of the house.Me living near Harry, if he didn`t make it in X Factor, which I KNOW he will.

Airport. I grabbed Harry and hugged him tight. 
"Don`t ever forget about me, ok?" I asked, tears streaming down my face.
"Never. Never in a million years! Don`t forget me, kay?" He asked, I laughed.
"Since when would I forget you? X Factor, please remember!"I pleaded. He nodded. What I never expected was for him to kiss me, well peck my lips. "Harry, what the hell?" I asked confused. He pulled my face and kissed me, an actual kiss. I pulled back and smiled. My best friend and I just kissed. My first kiss was given to me by my best friend. Whoa. "Bye, Harry. Love you" I said, hugging him again. 
"Never. Bye, Tal." He said, sniffling. Harry was crying! Aw! I`m going to miss it here so much.

I boarded the plane. I watched Harry, grow up, well sorta. I watched him audition for X Factor, become in One Direction and become famous. Harry and I didn`t talk since the plane thing. I miss him so much it`s unbearable.

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