Summer Love

Two girls.... best friends. They were separated when one of them had to move countries.... But they reunite in the summer. It was just suppose to be them both. But what happens when they meet two unexpected boys.... from their favorite boy band?? Would it just get awkward?? Or is their really love in the air??


1. Arrival

'This feels different.....' I think to myself as I get off the plane and walk down the stairs to the ground.  I've never ridden on a plane before.

"AHHH!" I hear a high pitched scream.  Who the hell screams at this time in the morning?  I turn to see who it was that screamed, to find my cousin standing by the door to the airport with a big smile on her face.  I feel a smile rising on my lips as I hurry down the stairs and run toward her.

"OMG!! I didn't think your mom would let you come this early to see me" I tell her, as I give her the biggest hug ever.  I missed my best friend.

"She's the one who offered to bring me" she told me as we walked into the building to retrieve my bags.  So MANY bags!! I had trouble finding mine, but with Alejandrina's help I found them quicker than I expected.

"Where's my Grandma?" I think out loud, as I look around the building.  The airport was pretty much empty.  A few people here and there.  There was a women in the corner just typing something into her tablet, and across the room was a guy jamming out to some music, or so I say by the way he's singing off pitch with the music.

"We asked her if we could be the ones to pick you up and she agreed, so come-on, its too early in the morning to do anything" Alejandrina explained.  I nodded, telling her that she was right.  I just followed her out of the airport to the awaiting car outside.  The drive to my Grandma's house was long.  me and Alejandrina fell asleep not to long after driving off.  When arriving, my Grandma was waiting on the from porch wit a big smile on her face.  I've never met my Grandma, so I'm guessing that's her.

"Welcome!" She greets me, in Spanish obviously, as she gives me a hug.  I return it before I decide to speak.

"I'm tired, can we continue this greeting thing after I get some sleep?" I asked, yawning to prove my point.

"Yes, of course! you guys are staying to right, its much of a hassle to drive home, come in there's a spare room you two can share" My grandmother offered to Alejandrina and her mother.

"No that's fine, we'll just go home" DeiDei replied already starting to walk down the steps to her car, Alejandrina right behind her.

"Oh, ok then, well drive safe" My grandma warned. "But come back later alright?" she added, before entering the house.

"Well, I'm gonna go to sleep" I state to no one in particular as I walk down the hall to what I believe to be my room. 




OK my lovelies XD tell me what you think..... I want an honest opinion thoee..... whether good or bad I can take them both XD Just be kind please XD

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