A Love Started With Hate

What started with pure hatred and annoyance for the new guy, "red",as they call him, turns into something more.... But with that one day Crysvic seems to not want to show her true feelings. Will she be able to tell him before it's too late? or will he be swept away by someone else? Does he even feel the same way? will he?


1. He's so ANNOYING!


The bell rang, signaling to the students that the school day has ended.

If you were a teacher, all you would be able to see outside the doors is a hoard of students, trying to get off the campus as quickly as possible.  Crysvic was no different.  She was rushing toward the bus, so she can get home sooner.  When arriving at the bus stop, the bus itself arrived there too.  "Trying" to get one, key word trying, Crysvic managed, but barely; everyone was pushing and pulling, just to get on the bus.  One hard shove from the lady in front sent Crysvic falling back into a pair of arms.  Looking up, Dark pools of brown clashed with blood red eyes.

"S-sorry" Crysvic whispered, backing away from the red eyed stranger.

"Hn" was the only response she got from the boy.  Getting angry from the lack of response, she turned around and tried to ignore the stranger.  Which proved to be difficult, but Crysvic managed.

'Just a little longer and I'll be away from the weirdo' Crysvic thought to herself. looking out the window.  When arriving at her stop, Crysvic released a sigh she didn't know she was holding.  Stepping off, she noticed that the red-eyed freak also got off.  'Oh Great...' She released a groan, not liking the situation.  Walking down 25th ave, Crysvic noticed that the guy was walking, almost following, right behind her.  'Turn! TUrn! TURN!' Crysvic thought, desperately trying to make the guy turn on the street before hers.  It seemed to have failed, because when she turned onto her street, so did he.  Crysvic hurried her steps.

"Why the fuck are you following me?" Crysvic yelled, stopping in her tracks to turn around to face the boy.  Said boy didn't seem to have payed attention to her for he just walked by with out a single glance or word.  "Hey you! I'm talking to you!" Crysvic yelled louder, hoping to catch the boy's attention, for the second time; which seemed to have failed, once again, for he just kept walking.  Hurrying her steps, she went to stand in front of the boy, whom finally decided to look up.

Taking his earphones out, he decided to speak, "Can I help you?"  Crysvic grew more angered at the thought that he hadn't been listening to her at all!

"Yes why the hell are you following me?!" Crysvic yelled out of annoyance

"I'm not following you... so can you please move out of my way?" He responded comely, yet a frown marred his face.

"The explain why I have never seen you walk this way before?"  Crysvic questioned, putting her hands on her hips, and feeling all high and mighty about herself.

"I barely moved here, so again, get out of my way" the boy demanded.  Moving aside, Crysvic crossed her arms and a frown formed on her face.

"-hmph- I don't even know the guy, yet he's so ANNOYING!!!" Crysvic thought to herself, watching the disappearing back of the stranger.  trying not to dwell on the boy, Crysvic continued on her way home which didn't take long, for she was already near.


Crysvic if you read this hope you liked it XD haha so how was it?? I'd like to know XD

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