Ten pounds

Anorexia. Something that break your life. Hello my name is Melody, and people say im freakishly skinny. I may only weigh a little over 5 stone. (75 lbs.) i dont think of myself as anorexic because you have to be thin to be that i m so bloody fat that people cant even look at me. I live in an orphange called London's little angels home for girls. Every girl there is so thin and beautiful. I just want to be like them. One day one direction stops by asking for a girl 10-15. What happens when they cant even look at me without gasping and they decide to help.


1. Adoption

Hello my name is Melody. I am 13 years old and according to others i am anorexic. I deny and deny all the times people tell me i am thin enough. Trust me 5 stone (75 lbs.) is not thin. " i need to lose ten more pounds." I groan staring at the full length mirror, showing the world fattest 13 year old. "Dinner!" Mrs. Hathaway calls from the kitchen downstairs. I contemplate on whether or not i should go. I decide to go just to get some exercise and start on the next ten pounds. I run down the stairs only to be stared at by Mrs, Hathaway. "Are you actually going to dinner?!" She asked shocked. I normally eat alone, just so i dont really have to eat. I walk into the kitchen and all eyes are on me. I shrug it off, grabbing a really small plate out of the cabinet. All i put on the plate is an tiny peice of bread, then i head upstairs. I nibble on the bread for the next hour and a half before Mrs. Hathaway's voice screeches through the halls again. "All girls ages 10-14 get downstairs for adoption!" She paused and spoke again. "That includes you Melody!" Ugh. I never go down when there is an adoption because all the adopter always go ' ewww shes to thin' or ' no hunny we are not adopting a skeleton!' I put on a baggy shirt and skinny jeans then trudged down the stairs and lined up not even looking at who was adopting. They went all down the line and then gasped. I looked up to see five boys staring at me like i was a freak. One with a buzz cut kneeled down to become eye level with me. "Whats your name honey?" He asked looking into my eyes searching for something. All i think he found was self hatred. "Melody." I answered. He stood up and walked over to mrs. Hathaway, whispering and pointing at me. "Melody, go pack your bag you being adopted." Mrs. Hathaway told me slightly pushing towards to the stair. I walked up and put my few clothes in a suitcase. I dragged the light carrying device dowm the stairs and sat on the couch waiting for my adoptive family to come out of Mrs. Hathaway's office.


Liam's pov: once Melody was up the stair i walked into Mrs. Hathaway's office and sait doen in a leather chair followed by the boys. "As you all saw Melody is very thin girl." She states while we all answered with a small nod. "Well when she first came here she was a normal, happy, healthy girl. Then when she started seeing the magazines that the older girls order she wanted to be thin like them. So, in order to become model thin she started to skip meals. She became so wound up with becoming thin and happy the she literally only eats a peice of bread a day. I tried everything in order to get her to eat, but she wont budge. I want you guys to make sure to keep her safe and make her feel loved, because i want her to be healthy." She explained to us. We answered her with a corus of 'yes ma'ams'. We all signed the documents to make her our daughter the walked into the living room only to see Melody sitting on the couch looking at a skinney model in a fashion magazine.

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