Nothing's fine, I'm torn.

A story about a girl called Abby.
She gets bullied constantly about completely nothing.
When she moves to highschool, she too gets bullied.
When she gets to Year 9, a new kid comes into the school and something special happens!

One Direction aren't famous in the story! **
Please comment & read! :*


1. Moving In

"Abby come on hurry up this minute, we're going to be late!" My Mother shouted from downstairs by the door. I was brushing my teeth for goodness sake! I can't wait to see the new house! We're moving to London because my Father  has got a new job that he will be starting after the summer holidays in September. His new job is being a scientist. He gets paid £10 more an hour than he usually did. Which means we're going to be richer than ever! I can't wait! 

I ran downstairs eager to get to the car before my Mother did. I jumped in the front next to her. My Father was at grocery shopping as he has already seen the new house. Mum said its a four hour drive so I'm going to be really bored.... There's 2 weeks left of the summer holidays and I'm dreading it! I get bullied so much but I haven't ever told my Mother or Father because I'm scared if they go to the school because I'm in high school and they might bully me for getting my parents in. I think we're very  close to the house now because I can see Big Ben! It's really big! "We're here Mollie! Isn't is really big!" My Mother says. As I look up, its as big as the Big Ben! My Mother leads me to the house. She unlocks the door. I walk inside and I see a massive staircase leading up to the upstairs so I quickly run upstairs. I am amazed by my new room. It's the size of a football pitch! I couldn't ask for anything better!#

Updated soon!

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-Moll x




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