Luck was by her side

It was her lucky day! She had terrible luck since she was born. Everything went wrong for her, and she didn't know why she was so unlucky. That day she was shocked when she was adopted by One direction.


1. getting adopted





                                         1.                                   having, bringing, or resulting from bad luck                                                "an unlucky defeat"                            synonyms:                          unfortunate, luckless, out of luckjinxed



Well according to everybody I know if you look up unlucky in a dictionary, a picture of me is going to be under the example of unlucky! 

I can't exactly say it's not true, because then I'll be lying. Don't say I'm being dramatic because I promise you I'm not, I've been unlucky from the day I was born! 

That's why I live in an orphanage... 


Hey guys its been a long time! so I decided to start this story over because I can't read it and not cringe so yeah..


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