the shadow [one direction completed ]

alexa was adopted after her parents died of a car accident,she knewthis would all happen one day ,what she didnt excpect was zayn malik wold adopt her and she didnt think she would fall in love with harry styles but who knew how he felt about her? that was until alex met 'the shadow' its what she called te shadow she sees in the bedroom hallway every night. harry goes into the hallway and talks to zayn about his feeling but what he doesnt know is there is more than 2 people there.
-------------------------------completed story---------------------------------------


1. new story

hey guys its me alexa, the writer, okay so i was going going to publish this story AFTER  the first one but i couldnt wait i am really excited for this and i hope you enjoy it so here are the details about carachters contests stuff like that ;  okay main carachters are ... me alexa paige parker (nickname : alex and btw the middle and last name are all fake i made it up i hope you like it cause i coulnt think of anything better and yes i got the idea from drake and josh cause of drake 'parker') and then there is one direction you all know them ...umm then there is alex's two best friends daisy mathews and nicole edwards ..and then there are her new friends eleanor and danielle louis and liams gfs  oh and ther is chloe, thats zayns (real) sister.. and thats aboout it so far but im most likely going to need new carachters troughout the story and you all can help me just comment your name ad you get to be a part of the story if i get too many comments il try to fityou in but as a person with not many parts so comment now XD ENJOYYYY xx - alexa (writer) 


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